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What do YOU use Dr. Bronner's for?

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Hello all!
I know that Dr. Bronner's castile soap says there are about a thousand things you can use it for. But, I was curious, what are some things you all have found that it works well for?
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Mostly I wash with it and sometimes wash hair with it. It can be diluted and used for hand soap. Some dilute it and use it for dish soap. I use Peppermint Castille Soap (liquid) with a medium squirt in a mop bucket, add some white vinegar and perhaps a few drops of tea tree oil and use it to mop the floors, leaves a really nice scent, IMO.

Here is a recent thread with almost EXACTLY the same title that you can check out, too.
We use it for baths, hand soap, hand washables, dishes (only rarely), and deorderizing the cages I use for pet rescue.

We take a little bottle of it on trips, especially camping trips, and use it for dishes or anything else that needs to be cleaned.

During warmer months, I use it in a sink of water for a "bird bath" (washing off with a sink of water & soap and a wash cloth). Sometimes more than once a day, if I'm really hot. The mint is my favorite for this.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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