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What do you use for a swim diaper?

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Hi gals!

I am having a delima. I purchased a bummis super cute - frog print - for my 10 month old daughter to use while swimming. It is very cute but I am concerned as to the diaper's effectiveness as a swim diaper.

Could you please share your preference for swim diapers?

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I planned to try that as well - then I found swim diapers at Target for $8.99! I think they are a PUL type outside and terry inside. They have some cute prints as well as plain white. AND they have some that come with a top to become a tankini - adorable!
BTW - they are trimmer than what a wrap like bummis would be. Not to mention I worried that the pool chemicals would damage my covers.
I found the same dipes at Target, so I picked up two of those. We used one of them and it seems to work great! Also, many of the swimsuits now come with a built in swim diaper. We got one from Gymboree this season that has it. What I plan to do is put one of the target dipes underneath of it, and then if she does happen to dirty it I would just take that one off and use the actual built in dipe in the swimsuit as a backup.
I use one from Mother Ease. I like that it can be unsnapped at the sides rather than pulling it down. Because the only reason you really need a swim diaper is to contain a poo, and I'd not want to pull it down their legs with poo in it.
We have the I Play brand, that I believe sells at Target. We are required to use that for swim lessons. You might want to check with your local pool to see if they have any rules on what you can/cannot wear.

We haven't used ours yet but our 1st swim class is next week
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Okay, Ladies where in Target are these swim diapers? I went to one Target the other day and couldn't find them
: I'm hoping I'm just not looking in the right place
I'm going to try another Target this week! I hope I get lucky
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Originally Posted by birdiegirl
Could you please share your preference for swim diapers?
I have an I Swim Safely swim diaper that I got at a garage sale, but I know they sell them at BRU as well for about $9. They dont have any padding in them and they dry super quick. They come in really cute prints too.
I have an old Eco-Baby swim diaper that I use. I don't know if they still have them or not.

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I just use a couple of HH prints without stuffing. They work really well. He's pooped a couple of times while we were in the pool and it fully contained every single poo particle!!

Originally Posted by ChristiansMomma
Okay, Ladies where in Target are these swim diapers?
I found them on an end cap near the baby section, between the car seat aisle and the bottle/sippy cup aisle. They were hanging with baby sun hats. Happy hunting!
Austin has a Bumpy swim diaper ( the fabric is great just a little thicker than a swim suit) and a Target one for a back up. I got the I Play brand one for $5.99, but its not as nice as the Bumpy one ( its thicker and moer crinkly).
We have 2 Kushies swim diapers, and a Gabby's swim diaper.

I prefer the way the Gabby's fit him, but it no longer fits him. The Kushies just fit "funny"
I also got a swin diaper from our local pool store for $8.99. My DD is 6 months old and the first baby, so the other day I just put her in her kiddy pool with no dipe on at all! She was the only one in the pool anyway and I clean it out at the end of the day. She also only poops once a day so I wasn't real worried about that. But in our big pool, she will wear her swim dipe!
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