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What do you use to clean your hard wood floor?

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What do you use to clean your hard wood floor? How often do you clean it? We are using Murphys and at the end of the day my feet are fiilthy. I would also like a natural reccommendation.


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What is the finish on your floors? I think that makes a big difference. Ours have an oil finish. I use simple water to clean them, just enough to get the dirt up, and so the water evaporates quickly. I've been doing this for close to three years, and they still look fine.
We have red oak floors with polyurethane finish. The guy who installed it said that Murphy's is about the WORST stuff we could use to'll strip the finish and dull the floor.

I use white vinegar & water...5 gal water/1/2 C white vinegar. Works well on tile, too.
Yes, I use vinager and water on my hardwood floors. It often amazesme how well it works at all the strange stuff that ends up on my floor. Today I mopped up toothpaste with it.
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