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I am struggling with what to cook and eat.
: I know what the foods are but I am having a brain block as to how to put them together and I love to cook!

What are you eating at meals? Snacks? Anything that packs well for a lunch?

Please help, thank you!

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Well, let's see. In the last two days we have had

scrambled eggs with peppers and onions for breakfast
for lunch we had mexican lasagna, recipe is here
we had leftover lasagna for dinner
also had trail mix with the carob chips and crispy nuts from NT, and coconut for snacks
several peaches, cause they are in season
and a yogurt smoothie for dinner

today we had scrambled eggs for breakfast
had a roast beef hash for lunch. I fried up some shredded potatoes, then added the leftover meat from my "soup bones" and veggies I used to make beef stock yesterday
I am making sauteed chicken breast and squash for dinner.

I don't know if that will help you or not, but that is the kind of stuff I make all the time.

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I'll start from last week:
one day last week I made a grassfed chuck roast, slow roasted in the crockpot with a fresh mole from scratch.. YUM!We ate it all week with plain yogurt and homeade salsa and avacado and handmade corn tortillas(from Whole foods, but made with lime)

Yesterday we had egg salad for breakfast. With some crackers I believe,and fresh strawberries.

Lunch was the rest of the mole. Snacks were fresh fruit. Some chocolate. raw milk. Raw cheese. peas.

Dinner last night was a kale bread soup made with heirloom tomatoes from our garden and kale from our garden. Also homeade stock, fresh garlic, and ezekiel bread. My friend got me a new blender/processor so I had fun using it
I put chickpeas in it too.

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A few days ago, I made marinaded skirt steak and cut it into strips for dinner and served it with patio-grown baby bok choi sauteed with garlic, kim chi, and brown rice (soaked since morning).

The next day, I sauteed some onions and added the leftover skirt steak to heat up and made wraps with whole wheat pita, to which I also added homemade lacto-fermented sauerkraut and a drizzle of kefir. I served a side green salad with anchovies, pine nuts, and raw gargonzola cheese.

Yesterday, I had some crackers with kefir cream cheese for breakfast. Lunch was leftover chicken in coconut curry over brown rice. Snacks were a banana and a couple of plums (bought a bag of about 15 organic plums for $2.99). Some kombucha in the morning and evening. Dinner was chicken biryani that I adapted to the crockpot drizzled with kefir.

Today, we had eggs and bacon for both breakfast and lunch. Had a wheat bagel with kefir cream cheese and lox for snack. Also a few plums, kefir smoothie and kombucha throughout the day. Dinner was leftover chicken biryani.
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