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I am very interested to see the replies to this post, as I SO hear you and relate. AP was so much more natural to me when DS was a babe -- his needs were pretty elemental, even though he was "spirited" from birth. Now, I don't always know how to deal with him as a toddler. It is definitely much harder for me to relate to him as a toddler than it was as a babe, and this has been a very difficult time for me.

How do you AP through MAJOR MELTDOWN tantrums, especially several a day? I keep trying to head them off at the pass (make sure he's not hungry or tired, make sure that the house is babyproofed as much as possible so he can explore his environment freely, give him lots of hugs and kisses, read and play with him quite a bit, etc.), but that doesn't seem to help. They come out of nowhere whenever he hears something he doesn't want to, sees something he wants that he can't have (the knife mommy is using to cut up his plum comes to mind), wants to HOLD EVERYTHING but needs to look with his EYES.

And yes, yes, yes do I know what you mean about not feeling as if you exist anymore. I'm Mama, not April, ya know?

Sorry ... didn't mean to rant in your thread. But I am so right there, doing that!
to you mama ... I know you're probably needing 'em!
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