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I too find parenting a toddler much more challenging. I have to remind myself daily to focus on the positive and to be positive myself, especially now that I have a new baby. I try to check myself when I hear a naggy or frustrated tone to my voice. I make the conscious effort to speak kindly and nicely, even when I get so tired and frustrated. It ALWAYS makes the difference. I also focus on positive reinforcement largely for our discipline strategy and it is really effective to praise good behavior. Punishing or correcting the bad is not very effective for my child, as I think she does a lot of stuff to get our attention. I ignore the bad and shower the good with praise. Some things are not tolerated, like running away outside by the road, treating the pets or her sister unkindly etc and when those things occur I act immediately and consistently after one opportunity to change her behavior. She never has to wonder what my reaction will be.

It is a hard age because they are now breaking free of some of the attachment to us, finding out their own little ways.

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