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For me, APing a toddler means looking at the world from his perspective. I try to put myself in his position and get a sense of what's important to him, what frightens him, what empowers him, what comforts him, etc.

Some current examples from our family:

Ean's in a fearful stage right now -- we think he's realizing that his world is getting bigger and he's sometimes finding himself in unchartered territory. We respect his fears and we never suggest that he shouldn't be fearful. We tell him that it's OK to be afraid and that we promise to keep him safe.

We don't walk away when he has tantrums. We sit nearby and offer to hold him if he wants to be held. Otherwise we just stay in the room and offer emotional support. We believe his tantrums are an age-appropriate expression of frustration and we believe it's our job to support him during these times.

We do our best to foster a spirit of family partnership. We know we're the parents and, ultimately, we make the decisions -- but we make a point of giving him power and choice whenever possible.

We don't hit and we try not to yell. Still working on yelling though...

We're also still trying to figure out GD and logical consequences....

I sometimes find myself making things more complicated than they need to be -- which is when I sit back and remind myself to just treat him with love and respect!!
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