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What does baby's head feel like?

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I've read that people can feel the baby's head when they check their cervix so I decided to give it a shot. My "landmarks" feel off in there - not sure what is cervix and so on, but it definitely feels "crowded" and there is something very hard that is very low. Never noticed that before. Is that the head or just part of my pelvic structure that has adjusted?
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Sounds like it could be head! I haven't checked in a few days, but last time I could just barely reach my cervix, felt the very squishy sides pretty easily, but had trouble finding the opening. Finally contorted myself enough to reach it, found it a finger tip dilated at most. I definitely didn't feel anything hard in there, but I know that my baby's head isn't engaged yet.
hard, round, big, and sometimes if your cervix is thin enough you can feel the sutures of the baby's skull. I can't feel my baby's sutures but I can definitely feel his head. I'm at 4 cm right now and his head is 0 to -1 depending on my position.
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