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What does my 3 yo mean by "tomorrow" ?

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A couple days ago, my almost-3-year old dd told me, "After tomorrow, I'm going to have no more nursies!"

Then yesterday she said "Tomorrow, I'm not going to have nursies ANYMORE. Only the baby will have nursies."

As much as I've been irritated the past couple weeks by her increased DEMAND, I was so sad! And believe me, she has been demanding in the past month! Not just with increased desire to nurse but also exhibiting all the classic signs of sibling jealousy, tantrums, yelling, regressing on using the potty- the whole 9 yards. She isn't asking politely to nurse either-- and she has always had great nursing "manners". Anyway, I was so teary eyed last night- thinking she might be serious about weaning. I didn't say anything to her about it, except that as she was falling asleep I told her how I loved her and that she could have nursies for as long as she wants.

Of course, this morning she asked to nurse first thing.
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Have you read the Anne of Green Gables books?

In one of them when Anne is an adult teacher, she befriends a young girl who's mother has died and father has left her with her (unloving, bitter) grandmother. Her imaginary land where everything good happens is called "Tomorrow."

Summary? You could be in for a long while yet
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Yeah, she doesn't show any real signs of being ready to stop. I think she's just experiencing a bit of an "identity crisis" right now-- trying to figure out if she's a baby or a big girl.

It really was a valuable wake-up call for me though- a reminder not to take this special time for granted, even in the midst of the challenges and frustrations.
I think tomorrow = "sometime in the future, not today".
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When my DD says "tomorrow" she usually means "yesterday"
eg "tomorrow when we went to the playground"
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So bittersweet!

When Griff says "tomorrow" I think he means "in the not-so-distant future". When he says "yesterday" he seems to mean "the sortof recent past".
LOL, to my DS, all times in the past are "last week" and somtimes "last morning."
Tomorrow is always a day away, right?
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tomarrow = not today mom
Yep- I'm still hearing "Remember yesterday when we decorated the Christmas tree?"
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Just gotta add to the lovely nature of kids being in the present........ for my 4 yo DS there are two time references "now" and everything else. "Yesterday", "tomorrow", "last week", all get used interchangeably to mean at some other time.
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