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What does ovulation pain feel like?

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Hi Everyone, since I am obsessing over catching the eggy and getting curious about every little twinge in my body I would love to hear your experiences with ovulation pain. What does it feel like, where, how long... etc?

I usually experience some kind of cramps before O, but I am not sure what and where... Today I am having slight cramping on the right side of my lower abdomen (probably about cervical height). This cramping is very isolated. I have also been super moody in the last 3 days.... hmmmm...
Anywhoo... I would love to hear what your O symptoms are.

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Hi Marina!
I have lower back ache and abdominal discomfort two days before O.
Last week, mid-afternoon, the day before O I am sure I could feel the egg being released! It is really quite painful and just inside my right hip bone....ummmm, it is hard to describe but it felt like a very distinct "tweaking", a sort of repeating pulling sensation. I was very aware of it all afternoon and into the evening and had to get a hot water bottle to ease it. There were twinges and some discomfort on the left side aswell, but it was not as pronounced. The next morning I woke early at 3.00am and had trouble getting back to sleep with the abdominal discomfort. I had EGCM and got my ovulatory temp dip that day.
The same thing happend last month too!
Hope this helps!
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Boy, it's really hard to describe - for me it's always on one side or the other (mostly the left, for some reason) and it feels like someone's squeezing my ovary. Yeek. I don't even like typing that - gives me the heebie jeebies. It's not intense pain or anything, just weird and uncomfortable.

It always happens in the 3-4 days before I actually ovulate.
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Thank you ACsMom and NinaUk.
So interesting... I think my pain is sort of towards the middle at the level of my hipbone. It is not intense, but kinda unusual and steady pulling. It is somewhat uncomfortable, but I am too excited about TTC to be bothered.
I'm hoping that tomorrow EWCM will come, I am ferning today, but I don't have as much CM.
: that I will catch the eggy.
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Marina, I get all excited when I know I am ovulating too!

Good Luck!
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For me it feels like an uncomfortable burning and cramping. It can last for several hours.
Mines a sharp tugging... like i have a string through my lower abdomen tied off inside me and someone keeps pulling on it... it can get so bad I want to cry but only because it almost gets to be a twitch that doesnt go away... a painfull twitch, how good of a way to explain it! It usually happens on my right side, or at least thats the side i usually feel it on though once or twice ive felt it on my left. the last time i consciously remember it being on the left was the day before thanksgiving this past year.

in any case, i know it HAS to be ovulation pain because it only happens that time of the month, only for one day (usually only for a maximum of 15 minutes though it may return later), i dont always feel/notice it and most of the time i'm not paying attention to what time of the month it is until i get it and check my charts and low and behold I'm supposed to ovulate around that day.
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