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This is going to vary SO much by state, district and school that I don't think you'll be able to get the answers you're looking for. DS is in first grade, and they just started bringing home spelling words a couple of weeks ago - 5 per week. They have to usually write the words in different ways a couple times, then write a sentence per word for a couple nights. Each day at school I know that they spend time journaling, but honestly it doesn't seem like much to me. For example they may draw a picture and write a sentence to describe it and then copy words on a worksheet. They also do some exercises with correcting sentences, like capitolizing the right word, inserting the right word from a list, etc.

As for math I don't know what they're doing and it drives me insane. The first quarter of last year they did what I call "pre-addition", breaking down numbers into number combinations. For example the number 4 has the following hidden partners: 1 &3, 2&2, 3&1. It drove DS bonkers that they didn't include 0&4! Then they switched to subtraction. Shortly after we and apparently other parents complained about the "partner" style of math, they stopped sending worksheets and such home about the math stuff, and that's on my list this week actually to discuss with the teacher (she's been out 3 weeks with back surgery and I've been down 6 weeks with bronchitis).

For reading they use a Harcourt series and twice a week have a story to read from that. They've covered contractions some time back.

Now with all that you need to realize that the school my kids attend is actually a lot better than in our old state, but is also a Promise School of Recognition (meaning they're educating the kids but have a high number of students below the poverty line) and another mom told me last week that our school is around the 50% mark for student who have English as a second language - which no doubt has a huge impact on the curriculum per grade.
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