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First question is can labor start and stop for days before actually being in real labor?<br><br>
Ok here's what I have been feeling, I have had an irraitable uterus since day one of pg, this is my second child fist child born through ceserean i never labored it was scheduled ceserean (the ol baby to big to fit reason) so anyway my water did break but the OB still went ahead with the ceserean.<br><br>
Now this is number two for me I am 35 weeks along and as of yesterday (i put a post up about this) I have been having back discomfort on my lower left and some cramping in my lower ab, not sure if it is contractions i dont know what they feel like,I took an epsom salt bath and i managed to go to sleep and slept good until my dog woke me up to go out, as i was letting her out i got these horrible pains in my stomach and felt a little nauseous (which i had been feeling all day)<br><br><br>
the pains almost felt like gas pains high up in my tummy, but i did manage to go back to sleep,<br><br>
when i woke up this am my stomach is soo sore the muscle in it are sore as if i did 100 sit ups, so could i have been contracting the whole time and not knowing it, could BH contractions make you sore, I was thinking about calling my midwife but thought I would ask here first , my appt with her is sunday I wanted to wait till then if I could.<br><br>
What do you think could be going on?
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