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What does your baby do that you wish you could do?

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I wish i could roll around in outside in my underwear outside on hot summer days like ds just plays in his diaper
I wish i was as flexable as ds sometimes. I wish somebody would take care of my every need, cuddle me all day long. So what do you wish you could do that your babe does?
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Eat, Sleep, Coo, Snuggle, and Relax all day long..

I do that all day.
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I wish that when I get frustrated or grouchy I could just sit down and start to howl and cry. Especially if people would start scrambling around trying to make me feel better. A good tantrum would feel really good sometimes, just let it all hang out!
I wish I had someone to rock me to sleep when I don't feel good. I wish I had a baby swing, his looks so comfy. I would also like it if old ladies smiled at me everywhere I went. That's about it. Oh, I wish fat rolls looked cute on me.
I wish I could sleep whenever I wanted. Scream whenever I wanted. And just walk up to a stranger that's intriguiing and make a new friend the way babies and toddlers can.

I'd skip the teething, though. That looks brutal. So glad I don't remember it.
She has her whole life/future ahead of her, I wish I had that!! (So that's not something she DOES, but kind'a goes along the same lines...)
when I'm sleepy I wish someone would pick me up, put me in my pj's and lie next to me until i fall asleep.
My niece's dad used to always wish there were giants who would carry him home when he was tired. Now he is the giant carrying my niece up to bed when she's sleepy, or holding her in the rocking chair, listening to the blues and playing the harmonica.
Climb into a sling and be rocked to a gentle sleep next to a warm, breathing body of someone who loves me...
I was just telling ds this morning that he shouldn't take being able to put his toes in his mouth for granted. Not everyone can do that! I'm not sure I want to be able to, but...

I mostly wish I could be as amazed at the simple things in life as he is.
I wish I was able to wear onesies and still look wonderful. I wish someone would also take care of my every need.

I wish that I could stop and smell the roses more often as my son does. He finds each flower so delicate... each rock so marvelous... each acorn so fascinating. I wish that I stopped to discover more and slowed down just a little.

I wish I could make a mess as he does and not care.
Where do I start?

I wish I could

-scream and holler when I wake up in the middle of the night for no reason so that somebody will rock and sing to me until I fall asleep

-Wear pretty much anything and still look good.

-Make chunky thighs and fat rolls look cute.

-Find endless amusement in the little things

-ride in a stroller or be carried when my legs are tired

-do absolutely nothing but baby things all day long

-not have to worry about a budget or finances

-not feel socially awkward when talking to complete strangers; and be a mastermind at small talk

-not sweat the small stuff

I'm sure there's more but that's all I could think of for now.
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I wish I had as nice skin and sweet smelling breath, even in the morning!

Oh, I also wish I had her flexibility.
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I wish I could be as completely comfy with my body as G is with his. Oh, and I agree with the PP- wish I could make fat rolls look so dang cute!
I wish I could make my husband's face light up the way it does when he first sees DS when he gets home. LOL. Guess my turn was 10 years ago, now it's DS's turn.
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Make fat look cute.
Run around naked out side on a hot day and have no one question it.
Fit into the baby pools comfortably.
Find complete joy in everything.
Be carried around when I'm tired.
When my brother first came out right after dd was born, he said how he wished he could have someone hold him to eat, rock him to sleep when he cries and have someone clean up his poo.

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What does DD do that I wish I could do? Hmmm...Let's see...I wish I could

- Be in the moment
- Find joy in just rolling around on the floor
-Not worry about what anyone thought of me. Everything is me, me, me..

-Eat as much as I want to and have everyone encourage me to eat more
-Have someone take care of my everyone need and be at my beck and call
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Awww, this thread is so sweet!

joy11, what a great answer!

I wish I could charm the socks off of absolutely everyone by beaming a huge smile at them they way DD does. I wish I could be endlessly fascinated by a black cork coaster. I wish I could be carried in a Moby on long hikes.

But the best thing in my life is something only I get to do -- being the mama of such an amazing being. I wouldn't trade that for anything in the world!
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