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Hey other sahms, what do your best days look like?<br><br>
I wonder how other moms do it all. I have a 3yo ds and 1yodd. Some days are great and others a struggle. I feel like the good days are the ones where I am ahead of the game in play and work. I am not good with schedules and structure but maybe need to have one in order to be more pro-active instead of always reacting to what the kids are feeling like.<br><br>
So what do your days look like with playing with children, getting housework done, etc? How do you start the day? How do you end the day? What do you strive for in your day? How many hours do you just play? When do you work on the computer? How many hours do you pick up/clean? I am interested in it all!!! <img alt="" class="inlineimg" src="" style="border:0px solid;" title="innocent"><br><br>

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My kids are older than your kids, but I think you ask a great question. Here is what our days look like:<br><br>
6 year old son and 2 year old daughter wake about 7:30 or 8am.<br><br>
I wake about 7:45 - nurse dd in bed and then get up to make breakfast and do morning routine<br><br>
Kids are allowed to watch tv in the family room while I listen to NPR, get my coffee and make breakfast<br><br>
8:00-8:45 - eat breakfast, I make lunch for ds, get clothes for kids, I help kids get dressed, shoes tied, etc<br><br>
8:53 take ds across the street to school (he is in first-grade and we live across the street from school) - school begins at 9am - dd and I play at playground and talk to other parents<br><br>
mornings - Monday & Wed dd goes to a "parents morning out program" and she and I go back in the house, nurse, get her backpack, get into car, drive to program<br><br>
other mornings I make sure that dd and I get out of the house together - grocery store, errands, playdate or mom/tot class. I MUST get out of the house in the morning or I feel like I am trapped at home. I like doing morning trips to the zoo or activities like that - even on weekends I will take both kids out to the zoo or nature center just to get out in the morning.<br><br>
lunch @ home or pick up dd from her Mon/Wed program and then have lunch together.<br><br>
naptime! DD is fighting the nap now, but we lay down and nurse about 1pm and if I am lucky she will fall asleep. If we are out running around sometimes she falls asleep in the car. Today was a no nap day. Ugh!<br><br>
early afternoon I do housework - laundry, kitchen stuff, vacuum, sort the mail, return phone calls. If dd is with me I let her sort of wander around and entertain herself or she follows me around while I do stuff. If she is rowdy and needs to focus on something I will take out playdough so I can focus on my tasks.<br><br>
3pm - pick up ds from school, play at playground and talk to other parents<br><br>
3:20ish - snack at home, kids play together<br><br>
4pm - homework time (ugh! I HATE this - my son is in FIRST grade and has way too much homework)<br><br>
I make dinner, supervise homework, playdough, painting, fighting, running around the house... I try to do more laundry, check the computer, phone calls, etc. THIS is the WORST time of day. I honestly believe that the kids and I should be outside at this time, but we are still figuring out the school/homework routine. Sometimes I send them to the yard to play or we go to the park or take a walk, but often we are in the kitchen/dining room and we are doing homework and crafty stuff. I am NOT a crafty mom, so I really just try to maintain order and the get the homework done.<br><br>
When my kids were younger this was a key time for me to run low-key errands (buy one gallon of milk) or meet friends at the park or go visit my parents with the kids or just go for a walk. I HATE trying to make dinner with kids who need me bouncing off the walls in the house.<br><br>
My husband gets home from work about 5:30 and we eat dinner about 6pm. I teach yoga two nights a week and at least one night a week we have some other activity (school board meeting, soccer practice, etc). I am usually HAPPY to leave the house after dinner! My husband does baths and helps ds practice piano. He might take the kids for a walk or to the playground after dinner. Mostly I think when I am out my husband lets the kids play and run around and watch some tv (we rent IMAX movies on Netflicks and we have certain videos the kids are allowed to watch in the evening. Right now they are watching a bluegrass music video).<br><br>
I am always home by 9pm and the kids have a before bed snack, dd nursed to bed and my husband lays down with ds. My husband goes to bed about 9:30 and I get up after everyone is asleep and watch bad tv and have computer time. I usually go to bed about 11:30.<br><br>
That's our typical day. My motto is "the days are long, but the years are short..."

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Our day on a good day anyways.....<br><br>
Wake up @ 6:30<br>
breakfast & oldest to school @ 8:20 { on a good day i can get a shower to} <img alt="" class="inlineimg" src="" style="border:0px solid;" title="lol"><br>
Until about 10 am we play.. outside, in the house, go for a walk, weeding, dog poop lol... swingset etc..<br>
10-11 am is my Maury time & i exercise on my elyptical 20-60 min depending on the kids<br>
noon is lunch & 1 pm is nap time<br>
1-3 or so is cleaning time for me, whether its scrubbing showers or just light housework. I do alittle everyday so i don't have to spend a whole day doing things.<br>
4 pm is home from school & homework time & while my dd is at the breakfast bar i help her as well as cook diner. DH when we are together is home by now & exercises & plays with the lil ones.<br>
5:30 dinner<br>
6:30 bath times<br>
7 or so i clean up dinner & straighten up any messes the kids made again & i will sit down & play with the kids or whatever<br>
8:30 all 3 kids go to bed, i get online & then by 10:30 i'm asleep. Once the kids go to bed i wash our diapers & do a load or so of laundry.<br><br><br>
Ok well that is a good day here in this house.. Now figure shopping, getting my nails & feet done, doctors, dentists, sick kids etc.... Those days are some of our craziest days!!!

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I have an 8 year old dd and 4 year old ds<br>
We homeschool.<br>
ds is up at 6:30- 7 every morning. Has a morning snack, we cuddle on the couch and he watches one of his "shows"<br>
DD is up at 8:30ish- I make ds breakfast, DD likes to make her own now, I oblige.<br>
9:30ish- get dressed, straighten house, I read them a book.<br>
10:00-12:00- is school work, dd likes sit down work, ds does too, when he is ready to move on, he either plays with legos or his lincon logs, or I read him another book.<br>
Meanwhile during this time, I am going thru curriculm, on the computer looking for school work, helping dd or ds. And in between putting in a load of laundry and emptying dishwasher.<br>
12:00 is lunch time and free time, they eithr play together inside or go outside or we take a walk and swing by the local non franchised coffee shop that just opened up around the block!!!!<br><br>
By 2:30ish- DD finshes up her work, usually after this she wants to either do a craft project or we bake something, today we made applesauce.<br>
Around 2 dh comes home, he starts doing work for his own company, If he goes in the garage to do work, ds follows or takes him on his errands.<br>
3:00- I do some housework- dd either reads or practices her piano or plays on computer.<br>
4:00-4:30- I relax for a little before I make dinner<br>
5:30- Dinner and then after that bedtime routine<br>
Kids are in bed at 8:30-9:00- They are not asleep, they read in bed, ds will climb into dd's bed and she will sometimes read to them.<br><br>
On Wednesday afternoon- will have playdates with our friends so that day is a little different<br>
Fridays is playgroup or piano and art class.<br><br><br>
I do most of my house work at night or dh and the kids help me on Sunday and then I just pick up at night.

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I have one intense 4 year old. We are not very organized around here, though I prefer schedules. I tend to think of each day as a morning, an afternoon, and an evening. The evenings are when Dh is reliably home, I make dinner, eating and hanging out till bedtime.<br><br>
The mornings are when I try to do anything that involves leaving home--going to a play date, grocery shopping, library.<br><br>
The afternoons are more figuring out how to stay alert and stable--I miss naps!--we'll go outside, or play, or whatever at home.<br><br>
I do housework when I get too annoyed with the mess, which is maybe 20 minutes a day lately (that's a lot for me). That doesn't count laundry, which happens often, whenever I think of it.<br><br>
That all said, we do have a weekly routine that is important to me.<br>
Sundays church,<br>
Mondays are a varied day with library or something,<br>
Tues ds goes to my parents' and I work with dh (farming) or do other projects, then go out to my parents' for supper,<br>
Weds morning ds and I hang out with our friends K and S,<br>
Thurs DS is with his grandparents again and Dh and I work,<br>
Fri we have the mornings for whatever and ds's friend Z comes over for the whole afternoon, then Dh's dad for supper,<br>
Saturday is farmer's market, and Dh's brothers for dinner.<br><br>
I sort of look at the week, with that framework of morning/afternoon/evening on it, and I can see where we have open spaces for the library or canning tomatoes, and I plan on that. We don't use the clock much, which helps my sanity, and I allow a lot of chaos and dust in the house (good for sanity, bad for alergies). I try to keep my priorities straight, and I have an image of dumping sandbags over the side of a hot air balloon--some days you just jettison everything unnecessary. You find out if it's necessary by asking what will happen if you jettison it. We need food, and we need to keep mama from screaming if possible....that's what is necessary.<br><br>
Oh, and I now get up at 6 five mornings a week, and write for 2 hours. DH is on duty if ds wakes up. This is very good.<br><br>
The things I can do easily with ds get done often, and the things I can't don't get done much. And without grandparents I would be toast.

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Can I do my schedule? I work out of the house and have no children but thought it might be interesting to get a variety?

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<div>Originally Posted by <strong>Starr</strong></div>
<div style="font-style:italic;">Can I do my schedule? I work out of the house and have no children but thought it might be interesting to get a variety?</div>
YES!!!! please do!!!!!<br><br>
This is all so very interesting to me and I know it will lend some clarity as winter sets in.

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Interesting! Here is our days:<br><br>
I have two girls- a 5 year old and a 1 year old.<br><br>
Up between 7 and 8.<br><br>
Coffee and snuggle/play time.<br><br>
Older dd watches PBS for about an hour while the younger dd and I make breakfast. I enjoy this time to get my mind together. I listen to NPR and sometimes take a bath. 1 year old dd plays beside me.<br><br>
9-11 play time. I try to give the girls this time a pure play time, but I sometimes do laundry or vacuum.<br><br>
11 Older dd gets ready for school (kindergarden) and we all walk up the drive way to wait for the bus. This is a fun time for us- being outside, looking at bugs and mushrooms.<br><br>
11:30-2:00 While dd is a school, younger dd naps and I mainly work on school work(I am working on my masters). I take care of the animals, some housework, and sometimes prep work for dinner.<br><br>
2:15 Pick up dd at school<br><br>
2:30-4 Sometimes do errands or go to library or the park. Sometimes come home and play outside.<br><br>
4:30 Make dinner. Often this is hard, as younger dd hangs on my legs, fussing.<br><br>
5ish, 5:30ish Eat dinner. Hopefull dp is home to join us!<br><br>
Evenings: Sometimes dd has a soccer game. Sometimes we go visiting. Sometimes we stay home, but older dd gets cranky if we don't have an interesting project or dp is home to wrestle with her!<br><br>
7 1 year old goes to bed after a bath and books and nursing<br><br>
8ish- sometimes 9ish 5 year old goes to bed after snack and stories<br><br>
I usually go to bed around 10. Sometimes I do school work, but I'm pretty lazy in the evenings.<br><br>
Hope that younger dd only gets up to nurse a couple times during the night!

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I have a 4 yr old, a 2 yr old and a 8 month old.<br><br>
6:30am everyone usually wakes up. The first thing I do is change all diapers, get myself dressed and put makeup on, etc so I can get it done before my husband leaves for work.<br><br>
7:30ish we eat breakfast. After the kids are done eating they play while I do the breakfast dishes. Then they keep playing while I usually do some laundry and change sheets, vacuum, whatever needs to be done. If they want me to play with them, I do, or I just let them play. Sometimes we bake stuff together- like snacks, etc.<br><br>
Around 9:30ish we go outside, rain or shine! We have totlot behind our house and walking trails nearby. We also have playgroup at this time occasionally (when I feel like going) or we run errands and go to the bigger parks in the area.<br><br>
11:30ish we eat lunch. Sometimes they help me make lunch.<br><br>
noonish everyone naps! YAY! This is my time to myself to be online, etc.<br><br>
2ish everyone usually wakes up (they all wake eachother up with their noise, which is why everyone always wakes at the same time)<br><br>
In the afternoon it's pretty loose. Sometimes we have to pick up our CSA or milk order. But I generally stay at home. The kids play by themselves for a while when I have to prepare dinner (or they help if they would like). Sometimes we all sit down to colour. We usually read books after nap just to kind of wake up and get moving.<br><br>
We eat around 6ish and they go to bed around 7:30pm. Two days a week we have preschool for my 4 yr old so that mixes things up.<br><br>
That's our day! All in all, I don't really play with them all that much unless they ask me to. I do set up activities for them and when we go outside, I usually chase them around and play with them and discover things on our walks with them, etc. I spend alot of time generally tidying up, cooking, preparing food (ie: cleaning the CSA and freezing it, baking bread for the week). We are pretty regimented just so the kids know what to expect, otherwise they seems to just meander around and get destructive and fight with eachother. I love structure! We end the day by cleaning the playroom and picking up the upstairs bedrooms and then get ready for bed and read story before night!

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My alarm goes off at 6:30 and I usually crawl out of bed at quarter to seven, its so dark in the morning its hard to get out of bed<br><br>
Before I leave for work at 7:30 I wash my hair, makeup, dry/curl hair, get dressed, make bed, run a load of wash, make my lunch for work, and spend about 10 minutes picking up kitchen and after DH<br><br>
7:30 I need to leave my house for work, its still dark out<br><br>
I get to work at 8:00 and start computer and check email, star tribune, and browse MDC<br><br>
8:30 By now I usually know what I need to do that day. Sometimes I have a client coming in, today for example I had to go to someones house to measure for a new kitchen and help them pick out cabinets and countertop, or I need to work on the computer drawing up a house plan or making changes. Also am on the phone calling contractors and letting them know which plan I am working on and setting up times if I need to meet them on a job.<br><br>
12:30 or so I go for lunch. Its just a back room we have here at work. i work with 5 other people so we take quick lunches.<br><br>
After lunch I can check back in on MDC or email people. The afternoon if it gets busy I come up front to help answer the phones and check people out. Again I am able to pop in and out pretty much all day long. DH calls me at work to see what I'm working on and if I need him to pick up anything for at home.<br><br>
5:00 I get done with work.<br><br>
5:30 I get home.<br><br>
DH usually gets home right before or right after me. So then we spend the next 20 minutes or so debating whats for supper and who is going to make it. I usually end up making it and he cleans up.<br><br>
6:30 We are able to sit down for supper. Its just the two of us so its pretty quiet but I insist we eat supper together at the table every night and it gives us a chance to talk about work or whatever.<br><br>
7:00 I see if there are any good shows on I need to watch and either I'll watch TV or I read, scrapbook, or make DH play a board game with me. I know I'm boring.<br><br>
Sometimes at night I'll spend a half hour on the cordless talking to a friend or my sister while I pick up, sweep a floor, or dust. DH usually is in charge of supper cleanup and running the dishwasher, laundry, garbage, and cleaning both bathrooms. I sweep floors, vacuum, dust, cook, and pickup.<br><br>
So then later in the night I usually take a nice long and very hot bath. Sometimes DH brings me a glass of wine or one of my books. But most of the time when I'm in the tub he sits on the stool and we talk. It must feel like a sauna in there to him. After bath I might paint my nails or put a face mask on. Then we watch a movie. DH makes popcorn and we snuggle up on the love seat with a blanket and he rubs my feet. Usually halfway through I fall asleep on DH and drool. He finishes movie and literally carries (he's a fireman) me to bed. Then if I go right back to sleep he sets my alarm and sets up coffee for in the morning.<br><br>
In the summer we don't watch movies but instead take dog for a walk. When he has fireman meetings at night I walk to my friends house down the street and we have a scrapbooking night. And about everyother day I stop in after work to see my niece's and nephew at my sisters house 5 minutes away. But for the most part once were home we can do whatever we want.<br><br>
And on weekends we sleep in until 10:00 <img alt="" class="inlineimg" src="" style="border:0px solid;" title="Embarrassment"><br><br>
So how much of a change am I in for when we bring our 4-6 month old daughter home?

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This is fun to read about other people's days. I have always been curious about how other people organize their time.<br><br>
Starr - life will change! But it's all good (well, I would still like to sleep in until 10am on the weekends).<br><br>
Denise K - I think of my days as 3 chunks of time, too: morning, afternoon and evening. It helps me organize my time and make sure that I am getting out/ getting stuff done/ having enough social time/ staying sane.

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I have a 3.5 dd and a 8 month ds<br>
ds wakes me around 6:30 and we nurse/play in bed untill 8ish<br>
Dh gets up with dd around 7<br><br>
8ish I get ds changed and dressed and get ready to head to the gym. (my me time, it is like my coffee, I am a beast without it!)<br><br>
dh hangs with them they do breakfast, dd gets dressed, and they go for a walk. ds naps, And I suspect dh lets dd watch some tv.<br><br>
I return 10:30-11 ds wakes up shortly after<br>
nurse, eat eggs, dd eats with me. Sometimes ds sleeps though this and it is really nice one on one time with dd.<br><br>
11:30- 12:30 I do random household chores with both in tow, dd love to putter around me puttering around, and ds chases after dd! Somedays we do errands, including fun scavenger hunt/ missions for dd.<br><br>
Home to play, eat lunch and change clothes by 2 dd is due for preschool<br>
return home to nurse, eat my lunch and put down ds for nap #2.<br>
Do quiet chores, think about dinner, make list...<br>
(we live down the street from a market so I have been shopping daily <img alt="" class="inlineimg" src="" style="border:0px solid;" title="Wink"> )<br><br>
after son wakes we play on the floor, I read something, talk on the phone...5:15 or 5:30 we head out the door to pick up dd (we usually walk) and grocery store.<br>
back around 6:15 eat, hopfully by 7<br>
baths and bedtime rituals, hopefully by 8<br>
me and hubby time until 10 ish. <img alt="" class="inlineimg" src="" style="border:0px solid;" title="throb"><br>
dh works from home, so he is in and out of our day randomly.
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