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I just feel like I'm giving DS the same food day after day. He loves the carbs... Crackers, pasta, bread, tortillas the best. He usually eats cheese if I put it in front of him. At dinner I'll give him some of whatever we're having, which is usually a meat or bean, a veggie, and some kind of carb. But I like SPICY food, so often times it's something separate at dinner too. DS still nurses frequently, so I try not to get too hung up on solids, but I feel like he's probably getting a whole lot of whole grain and not a lot of every other nutrient from his diet.<br><br>
Basically, we have the food blahs. What are some of your favorite quick and easy meal ideas for your LOs? He doesn't have molars yet, and we're not doing eggs or peanut butter yet either. But I just feel in a slump...

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What about fruit? My DD loves bananas, grapes, melon, blueberries. I try to have some on hand and give that to her for a snack.<br><br>
You might want to let him sample or taste the spicy food. DD loves spicy food. Indian cabbage and peas, creole red beans, and believe it or not, Franks Red Hot on her veggie chick'n nuggets!<br><br>
We do some pasta, but mostly beans, tvp, seitan, or veggie burgers/patties. DD will sometimes eat tofu but not usually.<br><br>
Lately she's been digging on grilled (daiya) cheese with a little bit of tomato soup to dip it in. She's big on dipping things, though! She needs a puddle of something with her food to make it interesting!

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Our DS is in a rut as well. He refuses and I mean REFUSES to try new food. I keep putting new things on his plate and 99% of the time he won't even touch it.<br><br>
So...we serve what we know he'll eat and then keep offering new foods.<br>
toast or waffles<br>
variety of cereal<br><br>
crackers (whole wheat w/cheese or PB)<br>
Chicken nuggets<br>
Chicken Nuggets or Grilled Cheese<br>
Dried Veggies<br>
Baby Food Peas<br><br>
That's the extent of it. Ugh...he ate everything as a baby, but oneday it just changed and he stopped trying new foods.

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DD may be a bit older but....<br><br>
Yogurt + various types of granola<br>
Pancakes with fruit in them<br>
Eggs + bacon<br>
Cinnamon swirl toast with fruit<br><br>
Seriously, we do a lot of fruit. She loves pears, peaches, cherries, apples, breakfast normally has a side of fruit and we do fruit for snacks.<br><br>
Other snacks or lunch [we do light lunches]<br>
Sandwiches! DD loves them so I do cheese + cucumber or cucumber + cream get the jist.<br>
Turkey roll ups<br>
Cheese + crackers + grapes<br>
Cold salads [pasta, veggie etc]<br><br>
Dinner is whatever I make, she doesn't get a "choice.." She does eat at least a bit of what I make though, and she's learning to expand her horizons with food -- she loves basmati rice and chicken tikka and sushi so that's good!

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I like spicy food as well, and my DD doesn't seem to mind or notice it. She is more likely to reject a food for texture or taste instead of spice level. She is picky and won't eat many veggies, but here is her diet:<br><br>
Milk, yellow cheese, greek yogurt<br>
almost all fruit (she doesn't like peaches or cherries)<br>
sweet potato and peas, and guacamole<br>
black beans and occasionally meat or chicken (her choice, not ours)<br>
carbs are usually a thumbs up, with the exception of white potato and any pasta besides mac and cheese<br><br>
She will generally only eat foods separately, but she will drink smoothies of fruit and dairy (with a little secret spinach) and eat pepperoni pizza<br><br>
Her dad and I eat many, many different foods in many combinations and different ethnic cuisines with a wide variety of spices, herbs, etc. So we are great role models and EVENTUALLY I trust she will emulate us. Please?

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DS eats:<br><br>
All fruit<br>
Smoothies - with yogurt, tofu, kefir, flax seed, carrots, cabbage, spinach, fruit, honey, juice - the only veggies he gets are from smoothies, he will try a bite of any veggies, but then say, 'no'<br>
Pasta sometimes<br>
Soy or Quorn Nuggets<br>
Scambled Eggs<br>
Peanut butter<br>
Veggie Burgers<br>
Veggie Dogs<br>
Banana bread<br>
Bread, mostly PBJ, sometimes grilled cheese<br>
Pretzels/Crackers dipped in cream cheese or hummus<br><br>
He will eat crackers nonstop if I let him, so I really try to get him to have other stuff first<br><br>
He loves his smoothies though, so that's good. Lots of nurtition in those.

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Thanks for the ideas ladies! I think one thing I run into is trying to find foods that won't be so messy that I have to hose DS off. On days when I have time to do it, then I break out the yogurt or hummus. But most often he takes about half an hour to eat, and I don't have time to climb in the shower with him 3 times a day.<br><br>
Anyhow, keep the ideas coming!

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We seem to get in a food rut sometimes too. my ds is 21 months. these are some of the things he likes and will eat:<br><br>
dried berries and raisins<br>
dried mango (he's not big on fresh fruit, and a lot of it bothers his bum)<br>
rice cakes<br>
cheese sticks<br>
pancakes without fruit in them, with a bit of maple syrup for dipping<br>
pretzels and crackers of just about any kind<br>
lunch meat (turkey or ham)<br>
spaghetti noodles with marinara sauce, sometimes we put ground turkey in our sauce, which he likes. I sneak spinach into the sauce too.<br>
salmon, sometimes other fish, like tillapia or catfish<br>
bread by itself, but not as a sandwich.<br>
occasionally he'll eat some peanut butter<br>
fruit leathers<br>
mac and cheese<br>
he's not a huge fan of chicken right now, although he used to love it.<br><br>
We have a hard time with vegetables, he ignores them 98% of the time. I used to be able to get him to eat veggies disguised in soup, but then he caught on <img alt="" class="inlineimg" src="" style="border:0px solid;" title="greensad"> Of course he still nurses a good bit too, so I don't worry too much.

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27 Month old son eats (along with all the popular choices above):<br>
meaty bones, eg chicken, lamb, anything I would otherwise give the dogs<br>
broccoli (just the tops)<br>
spinach by the pound<br>
will try anything if I make it in an interesting shape<br>
will try anything on Daddy's plate<br>
frozen smoked salmon<br>
frozen applesauce

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I think your kid is younger than mine. So I'm going to reach back into the dim recess of my memory and try to recall what she ate about a year ago. <img alt="" class="inlineimg" src="" style="border:0px solid;" title="smile"><br><br>
any and all fruits<br>
basically any veggie except for bell peppers or raw leafy greens--she's ok with cooked<br>
nut butters on sandwiches<br>
some cheerios<br>
a ridiculous variety of ethnic foods, spicy and not<br>
hummus with pita or bread<br>
uhm... yeah. We have branched out slightly since then, now she eats lots of nuts and some meat. Now crackers are a frequent snack.<br><br>
Can't think of anything else but I'm sure we eat more than that. She eats any/everything you put in front of her pretty much. Her dislikes are easier to list: bell peppers and occasionally meat. Once in a while she isn't in the mood for something on a given day but she'll eat it cheerfully every other day.

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DD will be three in aug and is a pretty good eater. Some hits-<br><br>
we do coconut milk/egg yolk,fruit smoothies<br><br>
raw cheese<br><br>
wraps (usually with meat, and cheese of some nature- bit of veg)<br><br>
grilled cheese (raw milk chedder, butter, sprouted bread)<br><br>
french toast<br><br>
soaked oatmeal with cream and coconut oil<br><br>
fruit (all but I have to switch it up)<br><br>
broccoli, asparagus, beans, raw peppers, cuc are her fav veg.<br><br>
homemade muffins/cookies (hit or miss)<br><br>
dried cranberries, seeds and dark chocolate (trail mix)<br><br>
yogurt and homemade granola (sometimes)<br><br>
BACON- loves. Only "happy pig" bacon<br><br>
salmon- fillet or canned. I do salmon salad and she just eats it with a fork<br><br>

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On top of what others wrote : couscous (i top it with black bean soup or lentils sometimes plain). Quiche. Raw corn on the cob. Still cold Frozen veggies. Sunflower seeds. Oatmeal and yogurt layered. My husband was super picky as a child his doctor told mil to put ketchup on everything. He was still super picky but grew to love ketchup on everything. His fav meal is noodles and ketchup. The girls love it too. <img alt="" class="inlineimg" src="" style="border:0px solid;" title="Embarrassment"> they also love rice and as long as I cut everything small enough will eatit with anything mixed in (besides meat they hate meat) I usually do a cauliflower mushroom rice made in broth or rice chz broccoli. Rice beans tomatoes sour cream.

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My kids get:<br><br>
pancakes, waffles, or cereal.<br>
fruit-strawberries, melon, banana, etc.<br><br>
soy butter sandwich, grilled cheese, nuggets<br>
Broccoli, cauliflower, green beans, or more fruit<br><br>
yogurt or cereal<br><br>
Whatever we eat--usually grilled chicken, fish, or pork along with a carb and veggies.

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Oatmeal with raisins, butter and flax seed oil.<br>
Sometimes we have buckwheat cereal or waffles, but usually she asks for oatmeal.<br><br>
Dinners and Lunches:<br>
For vegetables--<br>
peas right our of the freezer, cucumber slices, broccoli florets, corn on the cob<br>
For grains--<br>
quinoa, kashi, whole wheat cous cous, pasta, brown rice<br>
For the main course--<br>
lentils(I usually can hide some finely chopped carrots, bell pepper and tomato in there),<br>
white beans with cabbage, sauted onions, and carrots,<br>
Kidney beans<br>
pinto beans<br>
Sausages or breakfast links<br>
Trader Joe's mac and cheese with microscopic pieces of veggies cooked in<br>
finely cut pieces of steak or pieces of beef from our beef stew<br>
pasta with sauted onions, carrots and ground beef<br>
whitefish, breaded and baked<br>
She used to like soups a lot but she's kind of phased out of that, so if I make a chicken noodle soup I'll just take some of the soup and add more pasta so it's more like a pasta, chicken veggie dish than a soup<br><br>
As for snacks, we've really phased out of crackers, goldfish and anything puffed--it just fills up her stomach for hours-- I do lots of fruit, soy milk, cheese, bread, and cereal bars.<br><br>
happy feeding!

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I feel like I get stuck in a rut too. Toddlers If you let them will only want to eat carbs and sugar so I have to be on top on out snacks daily.<br><br>
I make homemade muffins usually with coconut flour or wheat flour soaked overnight.<br><br>
Uncured organic hot dogs<br>
fruit with cashew or almond butter<br>
cucumber tossed in olive oil,lemon and sea salt<br>
raw cheese with fermented pickle<br>
grainless banana pancakes<br>
1 banana<br>
3 eggs<br>
1 tsp vanilla<br>
1/8 tsp sea salt<br>
homemade chips fried in coconut oil<br>
mashed avocado with banana<br>
coconut milk yogurt mixed with kefir<br>
lara bar<br>
blueberries and strawberries<br>
I make a pot of beans a week. This week was kidney so I can heat some up quickly and give her a bowl full to munch on.<br>
Carrot buckwheat muffins<br>
guacamole for with homemade chips or rice chips<br>
I make a lot of wild salmon it's one of DD's favorites.<br>
boiled eggs<br>
drumsticks baked in oven<br>
sweet potato with lots of butter or sweet potato fries<br>
raw milk with quinoa cookies for a treat <img alt="" class="inlineimg" src="" style="border:0px solid;" title="smile">

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<div style="font-style:italic;">Ugh...he ate everything as a baby, but oneday it just changed and he stopped trying new foods.</div>
DS was the same, only he suddenly stopped eating solids. However, he was pretty good about carbs. Then, I discovered that his teeth are in bad shape, though we have great oral hygiene, and looked more into healing tooth decay with diet, and started limiting carbs, which means he won't eat at all, but nurses like crazy.<br><br>
He loves yogurt, though, even plain, and I mix pureed veggies & meat in with things I know he likes, like mashed potatoes. And I'm mixing broth into things, too, like cooking brown rice in broth, or making tomato sauce for spaghetti using tomato paste, reconstituted with broth. I also puree veggies to include in tomato sauce.
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