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What does your toddler do that makes you smile?

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Ds was getting into trouble this morning and when I got angry with him he put his finger on his mouth and went shhhhhhh. I couldn't help laughing! What does your toddler do that is simply adorable?
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I love it now that Ethan is talking more. I love hearing his thoughts.
I still love seeing the sleeping bean next to me at night and being blessed to see his first smile in the AM.
(Okay, give me a break I"m PMSing and all gushy!)
I like the way Cole (19 mos.) says "Hi Mommy!" every time he sees me.
Sometimes when I give him things he says "Thank you Mommy!"
That always makes me melt.

Today he was standing in the yard in the rain, sticking his tongue out and saying "Cole drink rain!" :LOL

They're so cute, ain't they?
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My 1 year old gives kisses to EVERYBODY including the cat and her stuffed animals. She doesn't usually make actual face contact, but she always does a strong "fish-face" pucker, with a very resounding "Mwah!!"
I've noticed that when ds needs to back up for any reason, like backing out of his tunnel or something, he beeps like a truck backing up!! "beep...beep...beep!" It is just so sweet and unselfconscious. He really just thinks thats what trucks (and people!) do when they back up.

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When we are reading books before bedtime, ds looks up at me with every page I turn and in the cutest 2yo voice says, "eshu" (Thank you) and smiles. It's heart gripping.
My dd (21 mos) carries around a small rainmaker and calls it her "baby." I love when I catch her lifting up her shirt and holding the baby to her chest (or sometimes her belly button) to give her "nums, nums" meanwhile smacking her lips like she is eating. I'm so proud!
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DD2 (3 yo) has always had a way of just melting me at the right moments but last week she got me good. She had asked for a drink and when I got it for her, she reached out and hugged me, gave me a kiss on the cheek and said "Thank you mommy! I love you, you're the greatest"

Another thing that I love, is when I "catch" her loving on her baby sister (7 mo) She will walk up to her when I'm not in sight, rub baby's cheek and kiss her forehead.
So sweet!
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What doesn't he do? LOL One of my favorites is when he has gotten into something he shouldn't and I am trying to talk to him and he looks at me and whispers "shhh, baby sleep" It's just so funny.

Ohh, another favaorite is when I walk in on him "reading" to his 7 month old brother. There's my 2.5 y/o "reading" to my 7 month old. He even turns the book around and holds it up so the baby can see the pictures. It makes my heart melt everytime.
Every morning and every evening while I tried to get my dd dressed (either for the day or in her pjs), she loves to run around nekkid in front of her mirror, do a few jumps, skips and prances before I'm able to finish getting her dressed. Too funny! :LOL I also love how she will go up to one of the boys, hold his hand and sing "Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star" or play "Pat a Cake" with them. Soooo sweet!
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Lindy (16 months) thinks it's fun to duck under things like tree branches, and she's so cute ducking down with a big grin on her face it always makes me smile. She doesn't totally get when ducking is necessary, and sometimes ducks going under things that are five feet over her head, or just walking next to tall things.

And she does something we call "the funny walk," where she walks sort of half bent over.

She and I both think it's funny when she slouches, too. She sits in a chair and leans back and slides her butt down and grins when we say, "Lindy's slouching!"

My favorite thing is when she leans up against me and gives me a hug.

And it's pretty cool when I sing to her and she says, "More!" There's not another person on earth who would ever ask to hear more of my singing, believe me!
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Sweet stories!

Well, what comes to mind first are some of dd's latest Top 10 Hits, such as:

"3,4, Buckle My Shoe"
"A,B,C, A,B,C, Next Time Don't You Sing With Me!"

And her revision of Barney's song... (although that's not where she's knows it from!
"I love you, I love me"

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Oh MY gosh!!! Those are all so sweet!!!!!
I will humbly add that I am often moved to tears when:
1-Ds pops off from nursing, to nod his head in agreement with something, or give his assessment of "THE WIND IN THE WILLOWS"(as we are currently-and s-l-o-w-l-y reading at bedtime!).
2-He nurtures dd if she is sad or hurt via rubs,hugs,or kisses.
3-He says,"Very Much!!!!!!!!!" when given something,etc...instead of the whole phrase,:THankyou very much'!!!

Let's see.......DS is 13 months.....He isn't walking but sitting, he likes to dance and shakes his head and body with a smile or when I am carrying him to a spot he wants to go, he actually wiggles his legs quickly, like he is walking when I am walking...........

and, of course, the IN YOUR FACE first smile in the morning...
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cute stories! They made me smile.

DD's newest thing is, if you do something and apologize to her, she shoos her hand down and says, "oh, that's OK." It's so funny.
I had a mini fight with DH yesterday and was crying in the bathroom. DD saw me with a runny nose and ran to her room to get her cold medicine for me. She gave me the bottle and the measuring cup and said "mama runny nose, take medicine". My heart just melt...that's a moment I'll never forget
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DS is 20 months. I think it's a very charming age, so there are lots of things to make me smile.

He picks dandelions in the yard and brings them to me. Other, non-weed flowers he only touches carefully with one finger.

He holds his bare feet up to the dog and says, "lick!" And laughs like a maniac when the dog obliges.

He carries the Sunday paper in from the front yard. It's half as big as he is.

All his toy cars and trucks are apparently driven by Daddy. DS says so. DS rides in the back.

He'll chime in on his favorite songs with just one or two words, but boy is he enthusiastic about those parts.
The latest thing: he puts socks on his hands to help him play handball
: This just started this weekend. Everyone in the neighborhood has been asking him why.

And that 1000 Watt smile first thing in the morning.
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Ah, such sweet babies!

DD will try to nurse on my belly button, but will just point at dh's flat nipples and go "uh oh" like they're broken or something!
Ellie comes running at me with her head cocked to one side saying "Bee Guh" (translation "Big Hug") Then she gives me a huge hug. Melts my heart every time.
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