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What dreams have you had?

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I'm just curious if any of you have had dreams of your birth yet. Please post them as well as your thoughts about the dreams.

I have had 2 dreams. The first dream was early on in the pregnancy. I had the baby at a beach house in North Carolina's Outer Banks during the day. I was standing up at the top of a staircase and the baby came out with such force that it almost fell down the steps. I barely saved it because it was so slippery. it almost squirmed out of my hands. He was covered in green meconium and afterbirth,(I mean, in ungodly amounts!!) but he was healthy. This was a gross-out dream and I think it was exorcising my fears.

My next dream was at about 5 months. It was SO REAL! I saw myself in my dining room at night. I was in the last stages of labor on my hands and knees. My mother was delivering the baby. (DH was nowhere around, haha!) I felt like my vagina was so open and huge that I couldn't imagine it being stretched like that for much longer. It didn't hurt, but it burned. THe head was alread out and my Mom was encouraging me to puch out the rest of the body. I did and layed down on my back in total exhaustion. My Mom laid the baby next to me in my arms. We looked at each other. I felt like it was a girl. Then I woke up.

I loved this dream, even though it was not the water birth I planned. I think it was preparing me for the possibilites of what it may feel like and how my Mom might participate. They say that sometimes the baby lets you know what position to get into for the best birth. I wonder if this is how I will labor?

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Early in my pregnancy, when I was first accepting my path to UC, I had dreams about horrible hospital interventions, about lack of control with nurses and doctors, and other icky heart-pounding things. That passed, and I haven't had any similar or wildly different birth dreams since. Yet...
I had this dream early in my last pregnany...
I was alone and in a hospital done up like a jail. I had a small cot and tiny cement block room. I realized I was getting ready to push and I was so glad because I was all by myself. But, then some buzzer went off and a nurse rushed in and took one look at me and called for the Dr. The Dr. came in and within a push the baby was crowning, he reached for his scapel to do an episiotomy. I took a breath and with this power inside of me that I didn't know I had I said, "NO MEDICAL CONSENT FOR EPISIOTOMY!" Over and over again. He got pissed and threw down the scapel and huffed out of the room with the nurses follwoing him. My words and my intent were golden.

I woke up then, but I really wanted to birth that baby with such power, so I just had to imagine that I did.

I've never birthed in a hospital, FYI.

I think I'd rather a happy from beginning to end kind of birth dream though. Can someone sign me up for one of those???
With my daughter I had very intense dreams of her speaking to me, telling me about who she was... I always recognized her from my standard baby dreams because she always had bright red hair. DH and I have dark dark brown hair.
She was born with, and still has bright red hair.

This time I've had some classic baby dreams, some good some bad, some that seemed "real". I've had a few vague ones that I feel are premonitions, but nothing concrete. Then I had one about a week ago that was incredibly intense. It stayed with me a long time. It was another like I used to have while pregnant with my daughter. My son spoke to me, he told me his name, and how he'd be born. If my baby is born looking like this child, or in this manner, I will recognize it as him the way I did with my daughter.
I feel the dream itself is a bit too intimate to share quite this publicly, though.
I'm pretty close to my visions before they take place!
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My most recent dream was of standing in my kitchen and thinking "Oh my god, the baby's coming out!" and reaching down to catch this tiny tiny baby girl. She slid right out and I caught her just in time. Curled up, she fit in one hand, but she was pink and healthy.
Twice I've dreamed of birthing a regular-sized breech baby, and both times have been pretty straightforward, easy births.
No scary dreams for me, thank goodness. I don't think the idea of birthing in a hospital or something going wrong. is anywhere in my subconscious, thankfully!
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