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I am nursing an 12.5 month old and starting to introduce more foods. I want to know what you feed your kids. What does a day in the life of your child consist of diet wise. I am looking for what they eat for breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks. Also how do you prepare their foods? I read that the order for veggies is: organic, fresh organic, frozen, jarred or canned as far as how much nutrition they contain. Yesterday I bought some frozen foods ( green beans, peas and carrots) to defrost and let her have. I feel guilty like I am not giving her the best. Is there really that much difference? I try to make her at least one meal a day of fresh foods and the other one is either baby foods (gerber) and maybe now I will let her have the frozen stuff.
I bought some books to read: Whole foods for babies and Toddlers and the First Meals book. I also ordered Mothering your nursing toddler - I don't know if that has food ideas or not. Also I have let her have a little juice a few times a week. I have not introduced cow's milk or any other type of beverage except juice. I figured I might let her have cow's milk at 18 months. Please give me food ideas!

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now but lets see if I can remember what she was eating then.We try to eat healthy but it isnt always organic.I wouldnt worry yourself so much I am sure you are doing a great job.You are here asking and learning arent you?? That shows more effort than most who just purchase processed jarred food like the commercial says....LOL
Finger foods...cheerios,graham crackers
yes the dreaded infant cereals do have nutrition.
green bean or carrots but they have to be mushy at that age.
I did use jarred prunes to mix with cereal.
scrambled egg.
I never concerned myself if she was eating whole meals or big amounts because she is still nursing after all.That is the perfect food.
I did start introducing small bits of meat like chicken or turkey.Oh, and whole milk no sugar added yogurt.
later on we added hard cheeses and cottage cheese.My DD only has 2 oz of juice daily diluted with water.She still only drinks 3-4 oz of cow milk a day.
Just some rambling from me hope it helps...


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Nadia's only 6 months, so she's not eating anything but breastmilk yet, but with my older 2, I just gave them bites of whatever was good off of my plate.

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My DD is almost 17 months and barely eats a thing. When she does eat, it's fruits & veggies. She loves them thankfully. Some facorites:

strawberries, watermelon, cantaloupe, grapes (halved and peeled at your child's age) broccoli (also high in calcium!) cauliflower, brussels sprouts - really, she loves them!

the child could literally live on potatoes if I would let her. I confess to feeding her McDonalds fries on occasion - usually if we have a long drive. It keeps her happy in the car!

Yogurt (we like Yobaby - it's organic and no added sugar or artificial colors) and cheese. She won't drink milk which is OK but will on occasion drink Soy.

The important thing is to introduce things that are healthy. Children are not born with a sweet tooth - we give it to them.

I also pretty much let her try whatever I am eating. She also loves beans - all kinds of beans.

Get The Super baby Food Book for lots of ideas and good recipes!

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Well, DD is nearly 20 months now but at 12 months she was still getting about 60% of her nutrition from BM. The other 40% consisted of:

Pureed or mashed babyfood (I made my own from fresh ingredients, organic if available)
Whole organic yogurt with fruit puree
Finger foods: oatios, crackers, diced fruit and steamed veggies
Steamed fish, broiled or grilled meats, minced
Whole cow's milk given via cup

We also let DD have whatever she wanted from our own plates. She was always a great eater, and I think it's mainly because we offered what she wanted without restriction or aggressive food-pushing.

Remember that a portion size for a baby that age is only one tablespoon. So a few bites may be it!

I'd follow your baby's lead. Some babies don't eat much in the form of solids until they approach two years old. My DD couldn't get enough solid foods from about 8 months old. Just learn what you can and follow your instincts.

One book recommendation is "Super Baby Foods" by Ruth Yaron. Some yummy ideas for toddler recipes and tips for making your own food. It's been my bible for the past year or more.

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As awful as this sounds, I let DS eat ANYTHING
that he asks for. If I am eating and he wants a bite or the whole bowl, I let him. He's also allowed to taste anything I drink barring alcohol, which I don't drink often.

I know that a LOT of people don't do this, and I know that even my LLL leader looks down on it, but I don't want him to be deprived or to have food issues like my sister had. She didn't eat much of anything her whole life. It was a bizzare, excruciating 18 years for my parents.

DS loves fruit, most veggies steamed, some meats sometimes, chips, french fries, cereal. Really, he'll eat anything we offer or eat ourselves. I love to watch him feed himself.

He's still nursing at least 90% of the time.

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My babies are 13.5 mos and eat a pretty healthy diet. They nurse all day (and night) so solids are a suppliment. Here's what they eat (I can't remember everything, but here's what's in our fridge right now):

finger foods:
Soy Os (instead of cheerios)
whole wheat pastas
rice (different kinds)
chicken breast, venison
turkey meatballs
stoned wheat thin crackers (skip the baby crackers - too messy)
chick peas, lima beans, and other beans/peas

mashed, scooped or chopped:
Avocado, banana, peaches, plums, mango, apricots, pretty much any fruits

cooked and pureed:
sweet potato, carrots, hard squash (butternut, acorn), apples, peaches (homemade apple sauce and pear sauce is sooo yummy!)

We haven't started really salty or sweet stuff yet like goldfish, pretzles, ice cream, sweet cookies or crackers, or juice. They don't know it exists and are fine without it. The only thing they always want to try is whatever we're having for dinner, so I usually give them a taste and if they like it, they can have more. Otherwise, they eat the standard stuff off the list above.

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My nursing toddler eats pretty much whatever her 4 lil teeth can chew, lol...

Cheerios (although she's kinda sick of those)

soggy cornflakes, lol

most fruits, I'm still very cautious with apples though (the teeth thing is why)

breads, crackers, and some cookies (bad, mama!)

avocado (mess, but oh, so yummy!), broccoli, corn

petite danone



everything off mine and dh's plate (chicken, rice, potato, etc)

plus bites, sips, licks and tastes of junk food that she really ought not have (again ~ bad mama!)
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