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What exactly does a postpartum doula do?

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My dh and I are thinking of moving this summer cross-country. I will be in my third trimester. We have a couple of friends who live nearby, but no family at all. People are telling me that if we move, we should consider hiring a post-partum doula for help.

What exactly do they do? Help with the baby? With my toddler? With breastfeeding? With household things?
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They "mother the mother". That is to say, they help you to take care of the baby, with bfing advice if needed, feed you, do light housework and run errands and I do believe help with older siblings. They do not take over baby care of the newborn.
I am a postpartum doula so would be happy to answer your question!

Things we do: We help with emotional/physical support after baby is born, we help teach/re-learn baby basics such as diapering, feeding help, soothing techniques, breastfeeding support, bathing, etc. We help siblings/dad bond with baby and get adjusted, we keep the house organized by making meals, doing dishes, playing with older sibs, watching all the kids so you can shower or take a nap. and much more!

things we DON"T do: We do not give out medical advice but do have an extensive referral list of others whom you can turn to with any questions out of our scope, we do not drive you or your children anywhere but will happiliy run errands for you or ride with you driving on outings, we don't watch the children while you go out like a Nanny does, and we don't do heavy housecleaning like bathrooms, moping, vacuming, etc.

Hope this helps!!

PS If you are looking to find one in your area send an email to [email protected] or go to their website at is also a site that certifies doulas.

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