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What exactly is a fitted diaper?

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Can someone give me a thorough description of a fitted diaper? I always had in my head that it was a like a prefold only tapered to fit in a cover better. But then I see dipes described as fitted but they look just like a regular diaper cover.

I actually just bought a fitted off the TP and I'm not sure what I will need to go with it.

I am so confused

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I fitted diaper is made to be contored, usually has elastic at the legs and waist, and is usually self-fastening (aplix or snaps), unlike flat diapers or prefolds. Its does require a cover to prevent wicking on to clothing or bedding, though, since it doesn't have any waterproof/moisture-resistent outer. Although, many folks let their babies go coverless, especially in the summer.

I'll try! A fitted diaper is like a disposable, but made of fabric (usually cotton or hemp). A lot of them come with liners that snap out (this makes for faster washing and drying). It has snaps or velcro to close. Fitteds always need covers.

And they DO look like covers. I didn't think I'd use them either, but nine months later, they're ALL I use! So you never know...
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