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DS is going from smalls to large quickly & I have been busy shopping for a couple weeks now. I am waiting on so many & was terribly depressed Friday & Saturday when I got NO fluff at all. Columbus day slowed everybody down & most of my stuff didnt get shipped till Wed or so.

I expect:
a pkg of kooshies liners, got it Monday!
1 used firefly, got it Monday!
2 more used hemp growing greens, got it Tuesday!
2 used sugar bums hemp, 2 more used sugar bums fitted, 2 used mudpies AIOs, Wednesday!
and then my RB order Wednesday!
(my rewards for saving so much by buying used!) Beautiful!
Oh yeah, & 2 ME AF covers used. got it Tuesday! Thank you, these are in pristine condition!

shopping cart cover from LittleLily! Wednesday!

swim diapers from all my helpful friends here! Wednesday! least until the ones I am waiting on get here!!!! Is anybody else sitting on their hands like me?
What a Wednesday, I even got a Land's End reorder!

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Too funny! I was JUST emailing someone that I WOULD wait to order anything else until the rest arrives. But then of course I may have to fudge on that if a certain WAHM that I am stalking posts some new diapers.

I am currently awaiting:
1 sugarbums hemp fitted (arrived)
3 Sugarplumbaby hemp fitteds (arrived)
1 Darling Diapers hemp fitted (totally forgot about - arrived!)

Also forgot about, that I'm expecting:
1 Cricketts hemp fitted
2 Organic Cotton Tails

And I have a notice from the PO that my new cart cover is there

Geeze I don't know if I can wait...I might have to order some more!

edited to show what arrived today and the ones I forgot to list!

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Wooliebabies wool sweater/pant/hat set! Gosh I cannot wait to get this one, she sent me pictures and WOW!

Bunnyhugs from Jasmine, five all in ones, she makes excellent all in ones! I cannot wait to see them.

Tons of cute fabrics !

FMBG cover and aio!

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I just have a huge order of mama cloth from Country Cuttins I'm waiting on, plus an order from Flicker N Suds. Can't wait to get them!
I don't have any diaper fluff I'm waiting on, but I have been eyeing a Jaiden's Jubilee dipe

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um, let's see:

2 SOS diapers from this weeks stocking
the Jelly Bean soaker that was up at the Mothering Auction (from flicker n suds)
a bunch of fabric (although it's not for diapers), but it is fluffy and cute

I think that's it

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I'm waiting on:

Lavender /Pink Wonderoos

3 Aio's from TxBlueBonnet- Nemo, Dora, and Blue Firefly
and 1 Nemo Doll Diaper

Stuff from Flicker-n-Suds-
Lifesaver pants
wool hat
baby skin lotion
baby bumz spray
bakery tart collection

Chumbas-Farm Girl aio

Tuesday Bear-Custom

Righteous Baby- Oh Baby fitted!

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Originally posted by WickidaWitch
I just got 2 ups 88 nascar aio's sat. an xs and a sm.
still waiting for prowraps and a small wool cover. and expecring some microfleece and wool yarn in the mail this week.
Where did you get that?? If you don't want to post it could you please PM me....I would LOVE a Earnhardt jr diape. :LOL DH is a Gordon fan so he would die if he saw our son in a #8 diaper :LOL

I am waiting on wayyyyy too much fluffy mail this week!

5 RB's, 2 SP snap ins, a FMBG halloween AIO, some baby clothes from the TP, a few maternity outfits (that I'll pack away because I'm not even ttc yet!), and some more SOS's from the mamas who were nice enough to share with me.

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I'm waiting on a Deluxe kit from Happy Tushies! I am so excited to be getting this, I'm going out of town next weekend and SO needed something extra to put dipes and stuff in besides my PPB backpack

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RB Order (7 FLAGS and a fleece shell set)
Flicker-n-Suds soaps
The Cushie Tushie wool pants and hat (2 sets)
Beach Chair Fuz fitted from Kathleen

Fussybutt embroidered HH
Strawberry DG Firefly from ebay
Fuz Sqaush fitted
Tootsweet fitteds (2)

that is all I can think of at the moment but I know there is more and I know I have a serious problem!
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