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What fluff are you expecting???

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Me? Oh Baby, it's going to rain wool over here....

~~~Three lovey bums wool cover. one all ivory, one sage with ivory thread and snaps and one ivory with raspberry thread and snaps.

~~~Three Kiwi's One Periwinkl cashmere, one raspberry cashmere, and one wool jersey pink.

~~~One hand knitted pink/coral soaker from PB and J with Daisy's on the bum and front

~~~One rose colored soakers shorts with an ivory heart on the butt pocket.

~~~Two WIO from Luxe baby. One lilac with TWO lilac contours and a wool doubler and one Raspberry with TWO raspberry contours and a wool doubler.

HOT DOG Babes!!!!

Off to order some wool soap. I am all out!!!!
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A LHC for the new baby
a muttaqin baby

for the boys
Large green HH
A tykie nemo print
Lots and lots of Baby Bloomrs AIOs

2 Hawaiian Print
1 Bumble Bee Print
And - oh uh I forget the last LOL
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I remember now, the funky blue mystic print. ONe of my Hawaiian prints will have a matching shirt for my DD
I cannot wait!
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My all hemp LC size 2 from the last stocking. I'm curious how much bigger it will be (at least he'll eventually grow into it!
). I think I got the one with rainbow serging and snaps, but I can't remember! :LOL Oh, and some wool yarn that they finally emailed me and told me it was back-ordered. grrr ...
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Iam waiting on knicernappies pocket diaper and a sugar pie baby aio. nak
I have too much I am waiting on.

But... it will all be loved.

A Hidden pearl creations WIO from the TP
A Angel wraps AIO and dress set from the TP
A Bottombumpers sidesnapping
A Luxe baby WIO with two contours in avacado(love green)
A Muttaquin
A nightlite and Yellow PUL AIO from FCB

And some wool from Fabriconnection

I think that is it. I can hardly wait to try the WIO's.
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I seriously dont even remember! I dont have tons, but I do have a decent amount of stuff!

I have that I can remember:
1 soaker w/5 IPF's
1 soaker from ebay
1 KiwiPie
1 Patchwork Pixie
1 Mudpie Babies AIO

I think that is it, I really cant remember though!
a beautiful wool soaker that Nada made for us! (it needs to be lanolized and then sent out)

Other than that nothing
It's been a lonnng time without fluffy mail around here! I'd like to get some diapers but need to find somewhere that I can get what I want.
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A fcb from the tp!!

It's not much but at least it's fluff!
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I placed my order and paid for 5 Elbee dipes and 3 Wooly Bullies (2 for a friend) last week, so probably by the end of June!!! And, I just ordered 6 med. FB's last night--a rainbow
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Two soaker shorts from mamas here at MDC
Luxebaby Wool and contour
Mattaquin fitted
5 Flags (4 from TP, 1 from Ebay)
Moss feet dump truck shoes

ETA: Knitwitz baby wool pants

E(again)TA: Bizzy B Hive WIO with my parents logo on the back
sold my other spot to a friend
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Two more luxe baby covers...I love these
A bunch of el bees, a wooly bully and some wool pants!
I won 4 medium honeyboy pockets off ebay...all 4 for 13.95 and free shipping...woo hoo
a custom order w/ TDD
a Diaper Fairy gift to arrive so i can send it out w/ the other gift i have waiting to be shipped out!!!
I'll play because it could be the last time I get to in a long time. I was supposed to go back to work 2 months ago, but haven't because of Josh's test and all the sleepless nights. So now we are broke, broke, broke. Keep your eyes peeled mamas there may be some good stuff on the TP

I'm waiting for:

1 Mosaic Moon
1 Knitzwitzbaby soaker
3 FCB dipes
3 FCB Nightlights
2 SPs
1 Berrypatch fitted

I think that is all
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Hmm, lemme see...

2 muttaqins
1 baby softwrap
3 LL OS from ebay
a couple of dipes from the TP
a couple of NB and small covers and a few more NB fitteds
summiebee... the rose soaker shorts with the heart... did you get themoff ebay? if you did that wasanauction i was stalkin. lol

I am waiting on a wool soaker and some muttiquin fitteds... got my daisy doodles and ll wool set today.
Not waiting on enough! Can't wait till I have some $$ again.

1 FCB Nightlight
1 FCB Fitted Dragonflys
3 Fleece Topped Joeybunz from the TP
And I have two custom soakers from Warm Heart Woolies that I hope will be finished this week.
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