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What happened to Sandra Dee?

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Where'd she go?

Yoo hoooooo? Are you out there?
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Sandi is having horrendous motion-sickness with her pregnancy.
She can't look at the 'puter screen for too long, or she will get sick.
I chatted with her about a week or so ago and she was doing well...besides the sickness.

Hopefully it will pass soon and she'll be able to get online and post more.
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she must be forgoing MDC for hyena chit chat! :LOL She's been there this week.
THanks for letting us know! I was just wondering the very same thing!
I almost posted something like this the other day! I had no idea she was so ill. I'm still waiting on a craft swap from her from August! Now I know why
poor mama. I was horribly ill with Finn, too, it was the pits
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