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What happened to the dirt?!?

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I moved one of my houseplants & noticed that the saucer has 4 huge piles of "shredded dirt" coming from each of the drainage holes. For some reason, I want to say they look like worm casings but I could be making that up.
I have NOOO idea! A couple of the plants in that area have scales which I'm trying futilely to eradicate but this plant looks fantastic!!

It doesn't look like dirt at all. Sort of like teeny tiny rabbit food pellets, fine granular "things."

ANy idea?

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sounds a lot like worm castings to me. i'd say you have some good bugs in your pot, especially if your plant is thriving.
Cool! For some reason, I was hoping that was true! How odd, I wonder how it happened.

Cool plant. We use its leaves for bean soup AND for a sore throat tea.
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I actually don't know. I got it from a Thai friend who doesn't speak much English. She told me about using it for sore throats. But, my housekeeper is from Honduras and she recognized it immediately and said they use it while cooking beans.

I wish I knew b/c it's super easy to propagate and smells lovely.
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