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i've been with the kids dad for 7 years in jan of next year. he has been bugging me for a divorce since jan of 2003. i didn't want to give it to him because well, i adore him and want to be with him. but he doesn't return the affection he will literally push me away. and not hug me. he is not even fun anymore ..........if i divorce him i feel like a failure. like i've really failed at something important... so yesterday i finally agreed to a divorce. he will get it in nicaragua because it is much cheaper. he needs my birth certificate which i can get. i was just waiting for him to take me in his arms and tell me that he adored me and was in love with me but i don't think that will ever happen. this is the deal. he leaves july 12 for nicaragua and comes back august 12th. i don't want him to come back to our house if we are divorced. i don't want him to come back anyways.

i feel like i'm kicking him out and i'm sure that is how he sees it. but i dont' want him here.
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