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With our increasingly jam-packed lives, most expectant parents are not taking childbirth education classes and many aren't getting to the stack of books they had hoped to read. And, those who are getting their information about pregnancy and birth from the media are more likely to be scared than prepared - of course, to keep our attention the images and stories are often dramatic and traumatic. Unfortunately, this is resulting in many parents-to-be entering this beautiful time in their lives feeling fearful and unprepared and not ending up with the experiences they had hoped for.

Driven by a desire for all parents-to-be to hear inspiring, empowering, up-to-date, scientifically based information during their pregnancies, I decided to bring the wisdom and expertise of the world's foremost experts directly to them. After becoming a mom, I became a filmmaker. A bit of background…

When I was pregnant with my first child, my husband and I had recently moved to Singapore for his job. So I found myself as far away from home as possible, with no friends or family nearby, and lots of questions.

Prior to moving, I had spent years as a senior research analyst for a multi-billion dollar investment firm; so I quickly shifted my focus towards researching what I wanted this next chapter of my life as a mother to look like. During that time, Mothering Magazine was still in print and it became my go-to resource. I packed multiple issues and carried them with me across the globe.

I devoured each copy. I loved the balance of evidence-based research with the trust in Mother Nature's underlying wisdom, and the overarching theme throughout each issue of the crucial importance of always listening to and trusting our intuition as mothers and mothers-to-be.

As I read each copy, I wrote down the names of the authors and various featured experts and compiled a list of 20 books that I planned to purchase when I came back to the states for a visit. Months later, when I took this list into my local Barnes and Noble, I was shocked to discover not a single one of these books were to be found. What I did find were 15 copies of What To Expect When You Are Expecting or as I like to call it What To Expect When You Are Expecting The Worst! I quickly realized that although there are terrific resources to help a woman achieve her ideal birth, if she isn't looking in the right places, she's more likely to be bombarded by those focusing on her pregnant body as a medical disaster waiting to happen.

I wanted to focus on everything that could go right! I wanted to feel excited and joyful and inspired by the magic and the mystery of what my body was experiencing as it grew my child within my womb. I began ordering the books from these compelling authors. As I read them, my fears and anxieties melted away. I learned about nature's design for birth and all of the hormones coursing through my body to support the process. I also explored what I could do to avoid the common and overused interventions faced by so many women. I began to contemplate the type of parent I wanted to be.

After the birth of my son, it became crystal clear to me that without all of the information I had learned, I would never have had the birth I hoped for. In addition to the birth of my baby boy, an idea was born.

I realized that so many parents-to-be don't have all of the extra time that I was fortunate to have when pregnant. I also know that everyone doesn't love to research and the idea of reading a 500-page book on natural pregnancy and birth at the end of a long day doesn't appeal to many … especially men. I decided that I would go find these experts, doctors, midwives, anthropologists, educators, and scientists. I dove into their worlds. I traveled around the country and filmed interviews with them … 35 of the world's foremost authorities. I then spent nearly four years scouring over, editing and weaving their expertise into a comprehensive four-part DVD series which focuses not just on the birth but also on how to have a happy, healthy pregnancy and early parenting experience. My goal was to make this invaluable information as easily accessible as possible.

The gems of wisdom and expertise that they shared are invaluable. They are exactly what I wish for every woman and man to hear as they embarked upon the adventure of becoming a parent.

Below are 10 of my favorite gems shared by the experts in the Happy Healthy Child: A Holistic Approach DVD series.

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1) "Nature's pretty good. We shouldn't be so critical." - Ina May Gaskin, world-renowned midwife


2) "When a mother is carrying a child in her womb, if she is happy, her baby is happy because the same chemistry of emotions that affects the mother's system crosses the placenta and affects the fetus." - Dr. Bruce Lipton, internationally recognized leader in the new science of epigenetics

3) "Women's bodies are superbly designed for giving birth!" - Dr. Sarah Buckley, family physician and acclaimed author


4) "I think women need to be taught how to trust themselves. Essentially, we need to unlearn everything we've learned about birth, in movies and in the horror stories we've heard, so that we can step out of our own way and let our bodies do what our bodies are actually fully prepared to do." - Dr. Aviva Romm, midwife and Yale-trained MD

5) "Labor is designed to prepare you for the enormous job of motherhood. It is often hard but once you go through it, you know what you are made of." - Dr. Christiane Northrup, MD, FACOG, best-selling author


"There is so much energy and so much beauty at the moment of birth that it opens a man's heart in a way that nothing else can. That imprint helps glue a family together." - Dr. Christiane Northrup


6) "Mothers have an instinctual intelligence that is unlocked by the biochemistry of birth." - Peggy O'Mara, publisher and editor or Mothering magazine for over 30 years

7) "Find a doctor or midwife who you trust and who trusts you! You want a provider who is going to acknowledge that this is your pregnancy and work with you, listen to you and guide you while respecting that you know the way you want your pregnancy and birth to be." - Dr. Jay Gordon, nationally recognized pediatrician, nutritionist, and author of several books

8) "Your baby leads you into a new world of your evolving self. They come as your teacher. If you think of yourself as a soul and your baby as a soul then you will be in tune with your baby and you'll begin to grow immediately upon the arrival of this spiritual being." - Dr. David Chamberlain, psychologist and founder of the Association for Pre- and Perinatal Psychology

9) "Parents and parents-to-be need good, scientific information that is going to help them make educated, empowered decisions that are in line with their intuitive knowing." - Dr. Lawrence Palevsky, pediatrician, author and acclaimed lecturer


10) "Our children don't learn from us being perfect. Our children learn from us striving to be aware and conscious and holding to an ideal that we are reaching for." - Dr. Marcy Axness, author and leading authority in early childhood development

Sarah Kamrath is a filmmaker and the producer/director of the highly acclaimed childbirth education DVD series, Happy Healthy Child: A Holistic Approach. To learn more about all of the important information you need as you prepare to have a happy, healthy pregnancy, birth and early parenting experience, please visit