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What in the world am I doing wrong?

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I found this super cute alphabet fabric at the fabric thrift store the other day and decided to make a simple blanket from it. I bought some super soft fleece and wanted to just put a binding on it (I'm going to use quilting bias tape - easy, right??) and do some ties to keep it together.

Um.... I've cut it three times, and the fleece seems to keep growing. I tried sewing it togther, and the dang fleece grew by 3 inches on one side. I'm not stretching the fleece at all, I am trying to keep them even. When I cut it, they are lying on top of each other, so I KNOW they are the same size.

Should I just pin the binding on and sew it that way without stiching it togther first?
Or should I send it to my mom and have her make it for me
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I had the same thing happen with this really strechy minky I tried to make a quilt with. I ended up using a dif. needle. Try the quilting forum at Those women know everything there is to know about that stuff. Hmm, they no longer have a forum. Google quilt forums!
Thanks, I'll check it out!
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I also found that using a zig zag stitch on fleece helped it keep it's shape.
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