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What in the world is WRONG with people????

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I took my kids to the beach for a few days & dressed Henry in all his adorable embroidered FCB AIOs for the beach~~(will post pic later!)~~A gorgeous yellow sunshine, a piggy, a smiley face...heck! even a plain white with rainbow snaps & serging. Well, I hope you ladies are sitting down because you will NOT believe what happened.....

NOT ONE SINGLE MAMA ASKED ME ABOUT THEM!!!!! No one said anything!!!
How is this possible??? I mean, couple my ADORABLE son with a fabulous diaper & NOTHING.......

That's it ladies!! But bottled water & duct tape! The world is coming to an end!

And I have one thing to say for the ONE BILLION green & blue sposie swin diapers I saw......:puke! SO THERE!
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