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What interesting things does your nursling like to do while nursing?!

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LOL was wondering last night! DD ( 17 mo today) has tried:

Reading a book
Eating a cookie
Watching television
Walking on the wall
Playing with any part of her anatomy or mine
Numerous yoga positions
Periodically blow raspberries on booby...

Glad she can multi-task. Oww!
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talk, sing, laugh at her funny antics, look 180 degrees behind her, put her feet in my face, play with my ears, wake up her brother who is usually sleeping next to us......
"yoga" hahaha

DS likes to play with the other nipple, blow milk-rasberries, suck his finger, make me smell his feet.....


Ds loooooves to play with my teeth. Maybe we have a little aspiring dentist?

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I'm glad I'm not the only one whose dd does downdog while nursing! she also names everyone she knows including Elmo and Count,and normally plays with the opposite nipple. She goes back and forth saying "other side" "other side again "etc Back to the yoga: My yoga teacher (Gurmukh) says children come into the world knowing all the yoga positions and are very limber.My dd is living proof that this is true!
Well glad she is not the only one and I am sure it will get even more interesting as she gets older!

Its amazing how limber they are and I am sure they know yoga positions I have never even dreamed of!
My DS also likes to twist himself into various positions while on the boob. His favorite is while lying in bed tummy-to-tummy he twists his lower body into the "stinkbug' position, aka down-dog, with his tush in the air, and his face right in the boobie. he also , while lying down, will walk his feet up my body until he's about bent in half but still with nipple in his mouth. That one hurts, though!
He will also play with the opposite nipple, my hair, my nose, my teeth, and pat my face as if to say, "good mommy, thanks for the milkies!"

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Her favorite 'joke'... she stops nursing and tried to put her foot on my nipple. She than busts out laughing. She thinks it is hilarious. :LOL

She likes pretending she is performing in a circus... all the acrobatics, headstands.... or maybe she is just performing crocodile death rolls. I don't know what it is but MY NIPPLE DOESN'T TWIST 360+ DEGREES!!!!

She likes using her other hand to grab various parts of my anatomy.

The cutest.... we have this book, that plays twinkle twinkle. She'll turn on the song, pounce on top of me, nurse, and sway back and forth. When the song stops, she'll jump off, turn on the song, and come on back to nurse. Very cute.

Lately she's been sticking her fingers in my mouth & trying to grab my teeh!?!

But beyond that she's a big fan of crawling all over mommy & playing w/ the other nipple while nursing(maybe she's guarding it? LoL
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Last night DD (16 months) turned so she could see out and had her arms free. She than was petting the dog and looking at Daddy & her Uncle. She also enjoys standing up, standing on one leg, playing peek a boo, blowing raspberries, and talking to her nursie. She has started bringing me her baby doll to nurse as well. Check out this link:
for a video of fun ways to nurse
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LOL thats cute! I hope it doesn't give DD any ideas!
:LOL That video is hysterical! I almost woke the baby laughing so hard! I needed that giggle....especially after today...sheesh croup in June, who would have guessed. Wish I had a little one so enthuastiac about nursing. Lil'bit right now is more interested in rubbing her binki on my nipples for a drip of milk to suck on....heck anything to get that kid to nurse.
crazy girl.
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Loved that video. I sent it to about 10 people. I can't wait to show it to dd tomorrow!
Dd (14 m) will now take short breaks to say "EYE!" as she sticks her finger into my eye....same for "Noseee". She is also a fan of the boobie-raspberry, especially in the morning when she is trying to tell dh and I that she is up and ready to play. She loves to play with my teeth, and also tries to play with hers, which is more complicated.

Occasionally, she will pop off and say a random word, "baby", "elmo", with much conviction as if we were having a conversation by just looking at each other, and she just had to add something. My favorite is when she stops to say "ma ma".

Also love the yoga.....these little ones are too cute. Standing and nursing is new for her, she does drive-by-nursings while I'm reading on the couch.
My DD doesn't do too much while nursing except nurse. She's all business! But whenever she sees the boobs she gets all in a dither! "Hol'me! Hol'me!" which translates to "Let me hold it!" Then I have to bend at the waist, let my large and floppy boobs dangle, so she can wrap her arms arund them and coo! She tells them " Love you. Kiss you. No bites!" and them smooches away. She also pretends the nipple is a nose and tries to blow it! Those are the moments I imagined when I started out on this crazy nursing adventure!
they are always "Playing with any part of her anatomy or mine" haha like you said, touching the other nipple or my belly
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