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what is a good baby food stain remover?

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I usually strip my daughter down to her diaper when she eats but I hvae been a little lazy lately and some of her clothes are stained with bright orange baby foods stains ( think Gerber chicken vegetable dinner). Any ideas? I have tried oxiclean and zout and it didn't help. Thanks!
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How did you use oxyclean? I had success with it by using a bucket of warm water (just enuf to cover the clothing), and a scoop of oxyclean and then left it there for about 3 days. swishing it from time to time. Stains gone.
In my washing machine, no luck
I fill up the washing mashine with the hottest water possible, then add Clorox oxy - I put more than recommended. Then I soak JOrdy's clothes for a few hours and wash on super wash afterwards. I've had some good results with that - some old stains have never came off though.
Last week I met up with my old friend, who owns a cleaning company and she advised me to use plain ammonia for stains on carpet and clothes. She said I can buy it in any grocery store and it's called 'ammonia-d' or something. She swears by it. I'm gonna try this Monday (when I'm off work) and see for myself.
Good luck!
I'm with Trish. It is absolutely amazing what the sun can get out. Especially organic stains. It hasn't failed me yet!!
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So mags&jordy did the ammonia work? I have pure ammonia I bought from our 99 cents store and want to try, but scared.
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