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4. Insect stings
[FONT=&quot]Insect stings are common allergens. The symptoms from insect stings allergy are extensive redness and swelling, some nausea, fatigue, low fever that may not resolve for a week, swelling of the face, mouth, tongue, throat, difficulty breathing and low blood pressure.
Treatment: epinephrine they can carry a portable dose of epinephrine in an EpiPen.

5. Molds

Molds, like mites, are microscopic. The symptoms similar to pollen and dust mites allergy.
Reduce the symptoms from molds allergy:
- Good ventilation in bathrooms and basements helps dry areas and suppresses mold growth.
- Cutting grass, raking leaves, and spreading mulch may trigger mold allergy symptoms.
6. Food

Food allergies are milk, nuts, eggs, and shellfish (shrimp).
Symptoms of a food allergy such as rapidly, within a few minutes of eating the food, nausea, vomiting, and diarrhea.
Reduce the symptoms from foods allergy:
- Pinephrine
- Avoid all foods that contain any of the food items they are allergic to
If you have a allergy and you are living in Delaware, you should visit a best allergist in delaware.
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