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What is best for saving time?

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Hi, I usually do not come to this area but I have a question. I have been cd'ing my dd since she was 4 months old and I also cd'ed my ds when he was little. I am due to have #3 next month and that puts my last two at 19 months apart. Need less to say, that will leave me with little spare time. I want to save all the time I can get. As it is now, I use a dry pail and when I take the diaper off I rinse it right away then hang it to dry before throwing it in the pail to avoid them getting that mildewy, pee smell. Is the wet pail a better system for saving time or does anyone know of an even better way? Thanks

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Ginger, I would not worry about it. With two in dipes, your pail will fill twice as fast!! You can definately skip that rinsing step on the pee dipes!
I agree with Cassdarrow.
Also, IMO there is no need to rinse the diapers. I also do a dry pail and all I do when the diapers begin to smell is to sprinkle a bit of baking soda on top. I wash twice a week doing:
1st- cold rinse with baking soda
2nd - hot wash with 1/4 of recommended detergent
3rd - 1 extra rinse with cold water

It does not take almost any effort from my part and you are free to do anything you want while the machine takes care of it
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I do a dry pail with no rinsing for my 2 in diapers. I actually use a plastic hamper to let the air flow through. They dry fairly quickly, and I don't have an odor problem. (DS would definitely let me know! He's super sensitive to smells.) My older DD poops in the toilet, and little DD still is still exclusively breastfed, so I don't have to worry about poo smells.
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