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What is effective ringworm treatment?

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My 11 years old has a big red (3-4 in) in diameter red rush. It is almost flat and non-itchy. I googgled and I think that it is a ringworm. Do I need to see a doctor for prescription or can I get something over the counter to clear it up?
By the way, what else can it be? It does not bother him at all. It is in the inner side of his upper leg. It has a boarder and few red spots in the center.
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We've always used Lotrimin for ringworm. (I may have spelled that wrong.) You can get it over the counter. If it were me, I'd try that first, and only take the child to a doctor if I didn't see improvement after a week or so. But if you're not SURE it's ringworm, you'd maybe want to see someone right away.
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