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What is going on with my ME AIOs?

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They allow the pee to go right through the PUL. It just started happening this week. Like putting on a fitted with no cover. These are not old-the tags are still somewhat crisp even though I got them used. I don't use fabric softener, the previous owner didn't, and they are absorbing lots, it's just going right straight through.

Any ideas or is this $10 out the window?
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I have no idea why PUL would do that. But, maybe a bottle of Permanent Water Guard or Nikwax would help. I use PWG and never have leaking or wicking with my cotton outer covers or AIOs, so I would think it would do the trick.
I'd try waterproofing spray too.

Whatever the problem, you can bet your bottom dollar that's why they were sold!
So have they leaked from the time you got them or did you use them a bit before it started to happen?
I used them a bit before it happened. Do you think they might have been sprayed before I got them and it's worn off?
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