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What is going on??

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Just a little frustrated and unsure of what's going on with my body. Can anyone offer helpful advice or relate?

Ok so here's the deal:
I haven't had my period since 12/26/09. I am usually regular (With charting, I have been for the past year).

I've been seeing a specialist for the past 2 months to figure out why my DH and I can't get pregnant for the last 1 1/2 years. Doctor believes I have endometrisis and I am to have a lapsoctomy 2/19/10. He has taken bloodwork to indicate endo. Also, he comes highly recommend from several women in the Kansas City area. I do have several signs of endo and this would explain a lot.

But, before I have the surgery, I need to have a period (I still haven't had one since 12/26/09). So, I went in 2/5 to get a shot (to induce my period or to sustain the pregnancy if I am pregnant). Well, bloodwork came back negative and I am not pregnant. However I still haven't had my period. ?????
It takes between two and ten days for the period to happen after the shot. I have not symptoms of a period coming on. Nothing. Granted I can still be ok if I have a period by this weekend 2/17/10. But nothing indicates that one is coming, and I usually have signs.

On another note, about two weeks ago I had a sharp pointing pain in my abdomen. I had this sharp, somewhat uncomfortable pain maybe about 3-4 times during the span of about 2 weeks. The pain would be short, a couple of seconds, then it would go away. It felt like it came from my ovaries....but I don't know.

So I know it's highly unlikely, but could the blood test be wrong...could I be pregnant?
What's up with my period not showing up naturally or induced?


p.s. thanks for letting me vent and for your advice!
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You say that your period is regular but how long is your cycle usually? Meaning when should AF have showed? I'm also wondering if the shot you were given (was it progesterone?) might start AF but your body not display the usual signs since it's on "override" with the shot, KWIM? I don't personally know of any viable or non-viable pregnancies (e.g. chemical or ectopic) that wouldn't show at least some amount of hcg within a short time after implantation and with b/w they should be able to pick up even a small amount of hcg. Are you taking any meds or supplements that could lengthen or suppress your cycle? Sorry, lots of questions but no answers ... I'm just kind of thinking out loud here.
I agree that you might still start.

But as for the pain, that could be ovarian cysts. If it keeps up or gets worse, I would ask them to do an ultrasound for you to see if that's what it is, because that might also be the reason you didn't get your period. (I had a really bad one removed when I was in HS..the pain gets progressively worse. It eventually got so bad I thought I had appendicitis!)
I'm not taking any meds or supplements or anything. I don't know what to expect with this.
Thanks for the help.
so sorry to hear of your frustration!

You mentioned you chart- what does your chart look like? When did you O? Could you possibly be having a long anovulatory cycle from the stress of all this?

I don't know anything about the shot, so can't be of help there.

However, I do know that endo can really do a number on your cycles. So, if you do have endo, that in itself could explain your long cycle (my cycles with endo vary from 15-70+days)

You asked if the blood test could be wrong- guessing it depends on whether they did a qualitative (are you pg) or a quantitative (how much hcg). If they did a qualitative, there might be a *tiny* chance you didn't have enough hcg for it to be pos. Still, if you think there is a chance, it might be good to ask for a redraw.

I agree with what pp said about maybe an ovarian cyst causing your pain, but, again, if you have endo, your pain could be related, or possibly you have a endometrial implant on your ovary. Probably worth mentioning to your doc.

Out of complete curiosity, as someone who recently underwent a horrid ordeal to get diagnosed with endo (FINALLY had my lap in October)- what blood work did your doc do that is suggestive of endo? Ask b/c I was told over and over that there was no lab test that could tell me whether I had endo.

Also, did your doc tell you why you needed to have a period before your surgery? I haven't heard that either, and I had not had a period recently before my surgery (tho, at the time, had not gotten my ppaf back yet, so maybe that's the difference)

Best of luck. KUP.
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