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What is Happening with my body??

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I don't know if this is the right forum to post this, but oh well.

With my son, my menstral cycles didn't return until he was 5 months, even with exclusive/intensive breastfeeding. i thought that was early!

Now with my daughter, who is only 2 months, i've been having on and off spotting for the last week or so!! DESPITE really intensive nursing (when is she not on the boob??) and *tandem nursing* my son too!!!!!!!!! what is going on???

yesterday i had no spotting at all (it was rainy, we stayed home for a quiet day), and today, we went out for a long walk, and now spotting again!!

it's too early
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Is it possibly a piece of retained placenta? Probably not, but who knows? Good luck in your search.

(A fellow tandem nurser
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With ds I bled off and on (mainly on) for 9 weeks, near the end I realized it was activity based, if we were really active, I bled more, when I settled down it tended to stop. It took about 4-5 days of real rest and then it stopped.
definately not post partum bleeding.. that completely stopped at 4 weeks. don't think it was retained placenta.. it all came out whole?!

oh poor me! maybe i should just take the week to rest more.. hard to do with toddler man!
Hon, I dont know what is going on but I UNDERSTAND the
My DD is older (6 1/2 months) but I started mine last week and I was so sad. I am also a chic that has a baby on the boob all day and night and I was praying it would wait. I feel for you mama! No one here understood why I was so upset.
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