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what is homeschooling like for the state of Calif?

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Looking for people to share their knowledge and experiences regarding homeschooling in the Calif state... currently nonhomeschoolin'
1 - 7 of 7 Posts Keep this in your favorites. It is a gem. I am on their email list and I have already learned so much from them. ANd I am just beginning. They have a book that I want to get "The California Homeschool Guide"
Here is a link to their page listing their books

What part of CA are you from? I am in San Bernardino.
...Off and on since 1986.

LAUSD is the driving force, believe, me, and they act like there is no such thing.

I like the fact that I am close to the mountains, ocean, country, and city cultural centers.

Idyllic in many ways.
The Colfax family were up in Contra Costa County in the North.

Originally Posted by applejuice
The Colfax family were up in Contra Costa County in the North.
Are you sure? Contra Costa county is in the east bay (San Francisco), like just north and east of Berkeley. I'm pretty sure they were pretty far north, and a lot more isolated.

The Colfax's live in the Anderson Valley area.

Laura :)
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