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What is it and how do I make it go away?!

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I just started getting this sharp stabbing pain in my lower right stomac / abdomen area.... Like it REALLY hurts... Anyone know what it is and how the
I make it go away?! It's 11.01pm here and I wanna sleep
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My first guess is some sot of gas pain, but hard to be sure in a setting like this. certainly if it gets worse or does not let up, call your caregiver! Hope you got some sleep...
I got that late in my second pregnancy! my doc said it was the baby's head, by that point somewhat engaged in my pelvis, making ouchy contact with all those little pelvic bones. He said "you don't have far to go from here", getting my hopes all up.... but I think I was pregnant for another 5 weeks after that!
Could it be your gall bladder? It's common to have gall bladder problems during pregnancy. When mine was infected, I thought it was gas. Gall bladder pain is on your right side. I would call someone, just to check it out.
I bet you it's just round ligament pain. It does totally suck, huh?
And sadly, it's simply one of those fabulous perks of being pregnant; there ain't much you can do about it.

Rest a lot, gently massage the area, and do your pregnancy exercises. Oh, and if you know you're going to sneeze or laugh or cough - hold onto yourself for support!

Hopefully this too shall pass. Mind didn't last more than a few weeks.
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I had really bad round liagment pain and took Liquid Calcium Magnesium every day and it really helped. I highly recommend it. It also helps you sleep so take it before bed.
i thought round ligament pain usually happened much earlier in pregnancy and more pronounced with first pregnancies... ??? this mama is almost 9 months pregnant, so i'm really not sure what it could be. lower right quadrant doesn't sound like gas but i guess it could be. does stretching help it? or do you just have to breathe through it? i'm almost wondering if it's your ovary doing something...

sending you pain free end of pregnancy vibes...

Your appendix is on the lower right side of your abdomen...

How are you doing, mama???
Didn't get much sleep
Baby was incredibly active last night low down and my lower back started to hurt last night as well so I'm guessing it's maybe got something to do with baby moving down?? The stabbing pain at the front stopped after a few hours, but then the lower back / tailbone thing kicked in... So I'm finding it hard to move much at this point. Sorry I sound so whingy its just sorta confusing and all
: Thanks for all your replies
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