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What is it like to BF your second child?

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With my daughter, we had a rough start to nursing and it took six or seven weeks to really get the hang of things. I remember needing lots of help and lots of props-- pillows under my elbows, somebody to get me water because I couldn't move once she latched on, etc. Now I can just about cook dinner while she nurses! I'm curious whether all that new-nursing paraphernalia is just because nursing is a learned skill (in which case it should be much easier next time), or whether it's just part of having a newborn. What's it like to nurse the second time around?
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Ha!! With the second, I can nurse while cooking dinner, talking on the phone and giving input on the latest lego construction.

Second time round, it's a breeze. Boppy? What's that?!!
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Its so much easier with the second! I had lots of struggles with my first and it was a breeze immediately with my 2nd. It was such a treat to just enjoy nursing during the newborn period. The only piece of paraphernalia I still really like is the sling.

Total breeze...but don't tell! You should still have someone bring you pillows and beverages!
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It is a breeze this time, but don't tell my hubby...
Actually, I figure the least he can do is occasionally bring me a drink while I feed the baby. Heck, I even grocery shop and breastfeed. Parenting in general is much easier this time because I'm more relaxed about it all.
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It was a lot easier with the second one- even with a three week hospital stay for baby.
SOSOSO much easier. I think b/c there is no stress and anxiety wondering if and how.
I agree about NIP, too. 2nd time around, my attitude was, "who cares.
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definately easier, AND the supply/demand thing evened out much sooner the 2nd (and 3rd) time.
I had more trouble with my second than my first. My son was a champion nurser from day one. My daughter was smaller and more sleepy and it was just much harder to get started. I used to think I was so good at breastfeeding, but it turned out that it was my son who was good at it. How humbling!
It was so NOT a breeze the second time
! I spent all day a few days ago writing a detailed story (with one hand nak) & dh went & shut down the computer without saving it
. Suffice to say, I was much too casual at first & ds didn't learn how to get a good latch. It was four months before I could nurse without any pain
, by then he had teeth
Take the time in the beginning to use the pillows & be sure of a good latch before cooking dinner
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