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what is it? please help!

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there is a sore burning patch on my aereola it's raised and bumpy but not red
i cant tolerate for ds to latch on to that sidenow the other side is getting sore. ds is 10 days old if i don't get pain relief soon i'm scared i'm going to mess up our nursing relationship

i've been using angle baby nipple butter fwiw
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Something you could try first, is sleeping completely topless and letting those nipples REALLY air dry (no ointment) between feedings overnight, and mid-day if you can take a nap with the baby. This cured my nipple soreness with my fourth infant pretty darn quickly. .
If a few days of that don't help, consider the possibility that you have thrush. Did you get antibiotics in labor by any chance? Thrush doesn't always look red, or obvious.
I've been pumping since last night. The pain is so bad I can't let DS latch on. I'm going to call our peds office today (they have a LC on staff). I def agree they need more air and probably I have a latch problem. There was an unresolved issue when I had dd that was never figured out so hopefully we can get this cleared up quickly so I can feed my baby.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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