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None of the options on the quiz really encompassed the entirety of my coffee table, and I thought it would be interesting to see what everyone has lying around. Right now I see:

+Two Archies comics (Rain's - one is from the seventies)

+A ball of purple yarn (? maybe Rain planned to knit something with it)

+ Rain's cell phone, in cute black and pink holder

+ A jar of bubbles (Rain was experimenting with the dog)

+Northern California DeLormes Atlas (from our trip to Chico)

+USA atlas (planning our summer trip to Az)

+New Moon magazine (Rain)

+Dirty sock (I must admit it's mine, I retrieved it from a dog)

+Mothering Magazine (mine)

+Two Andrew Vachss books (I've been rereading them)

+Book - "A Figure in the Shadows" (Rain's)

+Book - "A Fairy Called Hilary" (Rain's)

+Book from my job (test prep)

+Kleenex box

+A homemade rice filled heating thing (I had a toothache)

+Dog leash (our dogs rarely use leashes but we've been doing the vet thing)

+Case for "All That Jazz" video (Rain's fave)

+Latest Woodland Opera House newsletter (Rain performs there sometimes)

+The Number Devil (we're slowly doing it as a read-aloud)

I could have cheated and moved Asimov's Guide to Shakespeare over from the end table so we'd look smarter, but I didn't.

And I'm a very slowly-moving flybaby, so I have utmost respect for anyone with a clean coffee table... or better yet, a coffee table with a cup of coffee on it!


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our coffee table has nothing ON it cause my four yr old likes to lay on it

however there are piles of stuff on top of the bookshelves and baskets of stuff in every corner and I have no idea what is in them and really do not want to know


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Many, many Legos, the remote, the phone, a knitting project, a cup, an orange, "The Week," a bowl of nuts, the Gardener's Desk Reference Tobias Wolf's The Night in Question The Dominie Books of A.S. Neill, a globe, Magical Worlds of Harry Potter, Fantastic Beasts & Where to Find Them, Quidditch Through the Ages, Clikits, a notebook & pen and....a pot holder (?)

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We have several coffee tables. So let me start with the one in the living room :

The tv (a big ugly
A stereo and VCR
a rock garden (we love rocks!)
A pillar candle left over from Summer solstice
A coconut shell
A deck of cards (daughter was learning to shuffle)
Videos from the library (Star Wars, and Pirates of the Caribbean)
Books from library (Lupus Book, Meditation book, Abarat)

The coffee table in mine and hubby's room is an altar/sacred space. It has candles, stones, a chalice, daggar, runes, etc. Now my kitchen table... Ohhhh boy that one is covered at the moment LOL. Want to go there?


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Oh, do whichever has more interesting stuff

What are The Dominie Books of A.S. Neill, Joan?

Should we see if we can determine someone's homeschooling method based on coffee table clutter?


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Okay here is the kitchen table

A butcher knife (Ive got no clue
Two shirts drying over the back of a chair (ok that isnt on the table, but whatever)
A bottle of ibuprofen
Daughter's stuffed giraffe
Hubby's paperwork in a pile
An enormous pile of pennies (the kids were stacking them to see how tall they'd go before toppling)

Umm, what else...
Acrylic paint tubes
my palette
Watercolor pencils
Jars of brushes (paint)
kneaded erasers
A clip board
Tums (hearburn lol)
CD's (TOOL, and other ones)
A plate with cookies on it.. we eat at random

And at the easel is my painting of Sophia, and one that my daughter is working. Kristi

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one desk
has Saxon Math two books,binders, homeschool journals for record keeping, an electric pencil sharpener, erasable map pencils, color tiles manipulativesh

the other has a computer , bookshelves that are crammed with texts, artbooks,more books etc, power-glide
two storage boxes with math wraps, software, writing utensils, dot paints, embroidery floss and flash cards..

a huge tower of cds that drives me nuts ! dhs cd case

phone table has two v tech phones a post it star teacher thing I got from office depot and four boxes of clifford phonics books and the magazine part is stuffed with books that are read and read again

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Originally Posted by Dar
What are The Dominie Books of A.S. Neill, Joan?
It's the first three books that he wrote--they're in journal format.

"A Dominie's Log" was written in 1915 when he was teaching in a Scottish village-I believe it was his first teaching job. It's so amazing to me to be able to read what he was thinking in the very beginnings of his career as a teacher.

"A Dominie in Doubt" was written 5 (I think) years later and and focuses more on the way fellow teachers, parents & administrators received his ideas. Of course, they were a bit more developed at this point.

In the third book, "A Dominie Dismissed" (according to the introduction) "We learn that the inevitable has happened. The parents of his community have been unable to fathom this strange young man who refuses to pummel their children or to abide by a set curriculum. Neill is fired...[but] he is convinced that the world is wrong, and that there is a better way in education."

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Originally Posted by Vanna's Mom
our coffee table has nothing ON it cause my four yr old likes to lay on it
For some reason this tickled my funny bone.

I'm not getting into the crap piled on my desk and the computer desk. I can barely sit here, lol.

On the coffee table:

A stack of library books, teetering to the sky
A white charcoal
A pair of sunglasses (Elizabeth's)
Info for the library preschool summer book club
The Magic Schoolbus movie box, the kids are currently watching the movie
a couple of diaper pins and a diaper doubler (clean)
a coffee mug on a Grateful Dead coaster
some craft glue and the remnants of dd's foam craft project from yesterday (yes, I'm becoming a slovenly housekeeper)
the DVD remote
a cream cheese scented candle, burning

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we don't have a coffee table
but here''s what's on the table in the living room:
peek-a-blocks for the baby
catalogs that dd is looking through to plan her birthday party (in August!)
a jump rope
a bag full of duplo blocks for the baby
a magnifying glass
a bunch of plastic animals
books to be returned to the book club

on dd's desk in the living room:
about 50+ books about eggs/chickens/other oviparous animals/bugs
a couple of scrapbooking magazines
a couple of workbooks (mazes and what doesn't belong?)
pots of paint
a build your own solar system kit
books about space/solar system
some leftover christmas ornaments she is stlil painting on and off

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What fun ! I've just de-cluttered ! Ya'll are gonna think I'm Ms. Neat. LOL We don't own a coffee table. We used to own a glass table (we still do it's not up though) it almost fell on our dd when she was a baby. By the strength of God only did it not crush her neck. Since then I've been afriad to have a decorative table. DD will be ten this month. LOL

Right now on the dining table:
DD's necklace. It's a chain with a rock on it. She found a rock with a hole right in the middle and likes to wear it.

Cheerios book.

A bowl of half eaten cream of wheat.

A doll carrier.

On the table in the tv room: (it's a fold 'em up table that I SHOULD be using to fold laundry)

Hangers . About a dozen.

snack bowls and plates

misc. papers

I have a table in our room too:
rum glasses from last night

candy wrapper from earlier today

intimate essentials

remote control


two radio clocks (one for me one for dh)

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-laundry is covering most of the table (clean & folded - i just struggle with the 'putting away' part...)
-a box of kleenex
-the t.v. remote
-2 refrigerator magnets (ds2 likes to take them off the fridge and leave them in odd places...)
-one of the saucers from dd's tea set
-my unfinished grocery list & a pen

in the coffee table (we have one with a shelf):
-dh's afghan that my mother crocheted for him (i think she likes him more than me... she's always making him things...)
-a pair of ds2's outgrown pajamas
-some boogers (don't ask...)

this is one of the most clutter free areas of my house...

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No coffee table, here is dining room table...

96 box of crayons and Little Pony coloring book
Miquon Math wkbk. (funny to combine that with My Little Pony)
small mailbox Ben plays with
4 issues of Mothering a friend gave me (Woo hoo!)
Land's End catalogue from todays mail
a candle (Gardenia)
Ron's laptop, wedding ring and watch
a small pile of papers that include some drawings from today, unopened mail from yesterday and a magnet wand on top.

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We don't have a coffee table, either, but here's what's on the desk next to the laptop

-a roll of scotch tape
- potholder
-kleenex (have a cold)
-pair of binoculars
- a blue magnetic fish
-note call my friend Gayle written on the back of a receipt

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I don't have a coffee table (because it would just collect stuff) so I will go with my couch (which also collects stuff)

**A stack of diapers
**a pony tail (which I lopped off to donate today but it was wet and now it has to dry without being taken out of the ponytail - didn't think that through very well)
**a stack of readers digest (dd was studing the pictures on the back)
**a christmas quilt
** A pile of barretss reseverd for TKD hair doo
** a ton of tiny rubberband which the baby spilled
** papertowels
** a video case for Heidi (which for the record doesn't even try to come close to the book)
** some cords and stuff from my recent venture into electronics instillation
** three pictures of me at Girl Scout Camp from 1984, 85 and 87. 1986 remains a mystery.
** a mini quilt I made at girl scout camp.
** a mini quilt SIL made when she was a kid that I promised MIL I would finish for her to frame 3 years ago

and goodness knows what is lurking between the cushions.

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LOL funny thread. (I need to back up and look at the quiz)

We have two coffee tables. One has:
1000-piece puzzle in progress
the game Katamino, with blocks set up as a home for a toy lizard
five books that sophie is flipping through
three books i am flipping through
a rubik's cube
a basket with pens and a dice game

the other (the one in front of the tv) has:
three dvd cases
a sand thing where you can flip it over and let the sand settle (what are those called?)
a peppermint candle
a pile of little toys that soph is playing with
three remote controls
a glass of water
one scooby doo slipper

we also have a rug that soph can set up stuff on. and two shelves with projects and supplies. and she also plays on half of the sectional couch. so we basically have "stuff" everywhere! LOL
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