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What do you have? What do you need?
I just love lists!

- Birth supplies, but I suppose that is a whole other list!

- Kissaluvs size 0 in colors! Can't wait for them!
- Kangaroo Korner adjustable pouch sling
- cute little old fashioned knitted baby hats - anyone make/sell them???

- Kozy Karrier mei tei/sling (still use it with my just about two year old!)
- mesh sling for the pool (perfect timing for baby to get tons of use out of it next summer!)
- car seat (just enough life from my last in it to get me through without needing a new one)
- potties/potty covers/potty tote bag for ec and cute little leg warmers and long tshirt jammies - I just LOVE those!
- prefolds and kissaluvs for outings
- portacrib (I set it up in the living room for the first 2-3 weeks I am downstairs)
- swing (all my kids liked it long enough for me to pee, or eat something, until they can sit up by their self)
- exersaucer (we use this when we sit outside sometimes, until they can crawl)
- doorway jumper thing (my third used it mostly while I made dinner, during the same stage as the exersaucer)

I don't use the "gear" enough to go buy it new if I didn't have it, but I found it does have a time and place, since I already have it all from my first baby's shower. I love that I used it all for all of my kids! Such sentimental value...

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short list for us... we have so many hand-me-downs/gifts that we've gotten for ds...

-ergo baby carrier (i loved my baby bjorn, but desperately wanted it to have some hip support, so i'm trying the ergo)
-a better breast pump
-prefolds (tiny size...even kissaluvs 0 were too big for ds until about 4 months old...but i do love em)
-and if we have a girl, some cute girl clothes

i do make and sell knitted baby hats, but i don't know what you mean by old fashioned. i make simple beanie type or some with ear-flaps.

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I really dont need much, I have been having babies for 3 years!!! Plus i had one boy and one girl so have lots of clothes.

-Some cloth dipes(finally convinced DH) I ordered some bumgenuis to try on my 1yr old.
-Diaper pail
-new boppy
-getting the Amby bed, my one year old is now in a crib. We do co-sleep, but I like the thought of the bed for downstairs during the day. I work from home and I hate going up and down stairs all day!
-need a good sling-any suggestions? I have a cloth one, but it is really uncomfortable.
That is really it.....

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I want/need:

-newborn dipes, I have plenty of infant pf's and flats but want to add some fitteds and AIO's to my stash oh and newborn covers.

-and ergo or mei tai, can't decide which one!

-a double stroller, not sure if we'll get one or not but I *think* I might use it with 4 kids under age 6.

-If it's a girl I need clothes, I got rid of almost all of DD's and have a ton of blue stuff.

-tiny socks

not sure if we'll get a swing or a bouncy chair but maybe just so I have somewhere safe to put the baby on occasion since I will be busy.

I have:

an infant carseat that I like, prefolds, t-shirts, blankets, a cradle my grandpa made, a changing table if we have all the pieces to put it back together

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some newborn prefolds
some covers
birth supplies
I want a stretchy wrap, I have a woven but want stretchy for tiny baby
Organic bassinet pad

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Originally Posted by krismarie View Post
i do make and sell knitted baby hats, but i don't know what you mean by old fashioned. i make simple beanie type or some with ear-flaps.
Ohhh! Do you have pictures? You can email me if you want instead...

[email protected]

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Eden Mei Tai baby carrier
Moby wrap
to knit more longies/shorts
more AIOs
Infant sized prefolds
Some PUL wraps
Infant car seat
Papasan swing
Nursing bras
Wet bag
Diaper bag
Diaper pail

NB Clothes
Most of my NB fitted diaper stash
Knit soakers

After DD we sold all of our baby stuff except for a couple outfits/blankets.
So we're almost completely starting over.

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My list is freakin huge. First time for us, so we're totally starting from scratch. Hoping to get stuff as gifts or we'll go looking for used items mostly.

nursing recliner (used)
handed-down cradle for downstairs when I need to put the baby SOMEwhere safe onmy own
handed-down changing table/dresser

Need: (this is the summarized list!)
Britax carseat
crib to sidecar and mattress, sheets, etc
TONS of dipes, stuffers, Charlie's soap, diaper laundry bag, etc
baby monitor (we have a multi-level condo so if the baby's sleeping and I go up/downstairs...)
baby "toiletries" ie solution/cloth wipes for cleaning butts, gentle soap, a thermometer, the nose-ball thing, all that stuff
wise woman sling (cheap simple stroller is on registry b/c MIL thinks we need one)
my brest friend

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I need everything. THis is #1 for me so we need

Car Seat
dipes (cloth of course!)
Sling and wrap
rocking chair
Changing table
diaper pail

you know...everything!!!!!


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new infant carseat
swing (will buy used)
bouncy seat (will buy used)
new baby bath tub

Am going to get even though I dont *need* it:

new sling
new bassinet

There is a HUGE community garage sale next Saturday and this is the last one before the baby comes, so I am taking some cash and coffee and heading out at 8 am by myself to look for a swing and bouncy seat and whatever else I may find. I am really looking forward to it!

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I have most of what I need already. I need a new infant carseat, I'll buy some clothes and I may also buy a new sling. Oh, and I bought a new bouncy seat. DS hated it but DD would sit contentedly in it while I showered so we'll give it a try again.

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I have all our clothing needs met, and recently bought enough fluff so that I don't *need* to buy any more. We bought a stroller (I can't carry a baby all the time but do babywear as much as my back allows), I have a wrap-style carrier and a BabyTrekker. We bought a dresser with change pad and shelves for fluff, and a diaper pail.

But now we still need:

a carseat
a co-sleeper (family bed for us but my 7 year old hogs the bed mercilessly)
maybe a swing
a new ring sling (I like to have carrier options!)
Some wet bags
A baby monitor (not used a lot, but with other kids to run around after I would like to hear a baby just beginning to stir, rather than wait for a cry to alert me)

That is about it. I went a bit crazy with buying clothes already, both new and used, and really think that aspect of things is covered!

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I honestly have no clue what I 'need'...(Or even what items are really nice to have items and what are absolutely necessary)
My inlaws love garage sales, and my sister and mom friends have all came out of the woodwork to promise items.. so my list of have (or promised..) is
A crib
an infant carseat
a cosleeper
a swing (I think?)
a jogging stroller
a rocking chair
a breast pump

What I still need (Or think I do)
diapers and covers and other things for diapering
a sling
a changing table/zone
a baby moniter
other things I have no idea about....

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I really don't have any "needs" as my son is still so young and I kept everything, of course if it is a girl then I will need some more clothes, however, for the newborn stage I am not even stressing that as I have gowns and onesies and even outfits that would work both ways. I believe I am getting a shower, but that won't be until after the baby as we are waiting to find out what we are having. However, I am sure my parents and the il's will likely buy some big ticket items.

I have:
-2 slings, Kozy and Bjorn (which I bought used for dh, but he hated the thing as much as me and always used my basic ring sling)
-infant carseat
-co-sleeper= although Luke never used it, perhaps I will get some use out of it this time until he/she is big enough to defend against Luke's flailing legs at
- baby bathtub
-bouncy seat
- plenty of cpfs, covers, aio's, diaper pail, wet bag etc
- pack n' play (that I used as the diaper changing area- don't know if that will change or not)
- boppy and avent isis pump (although I never gave Luke a bottle it helped sometimes with engorgement)
- jogging stroller
- 5 zillion blankets, burpclothes, and bibs ( really I should thin those down)
- rocking chair

wish list:
-cool papasan swing
=new carriers - I am thinking maybe a wrap, not sure what else I want to try -miracle blanket- I desperately want to get the swaddling thing down this time
-britax convertible carseat- I'm certain Luke won't have outgrown the Britax by the time this one needs it
- more nursing bras, after 2 yrs of use my favorite bras are starting to wear

That's all I can really think of for now, I really prefer to keep things fairly simple and I HATE to have a bunch of stuff around. I am thinking if it happens that I have another boy then I will just do a come meet the baby shower and bring me food, as I don't desire or need any clothes, diapers, etc. However, if it is a girl I will hopefully have a clothes and food shower, as everyone loves to buy little girl stuff. Although, I am going to have to find a way to nicely say that 1) only cotton- I am not torturing my child with itchy uncomfortable synthetic materials, I want her to be comfortable, as I wanted my son to be and (2) nothing that says princess, brat, etc (which will be even trickier as sil thinks everything princess is just adorable ( I personally want to vomit at it all)!

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Just a reminder for those buying used carseats, check the dates on them, they expire after 5 years (the plastic degrades, especially if they are left in the car exposed to sunlight). There should be a date sticker on the bottom. Some people don't get rid of them until after they've had 2-3 kids in them and they are often too old to be safely used.

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With my first baby I had tons of things from BRU that really wasn't useful this time I need almost everything as we just made do with stupid mainstream stuff

PIS breats pump and avent bottles. the only breast pump worth having
pack and play ( darling and never used)
bouncer( also hardly used)
swing ( loved it )
crib ( not even setting it up this time . I think cribs suck)
bueatiful handmade changing table and dresser by DH
clothes if its a girl
large baby blankets handmade by grandma ( love these so much)
large nursing bed pads that I love made by other grandma
3 baby bjourn potties for EC
Blue ERGO ( like this may need an infant insert)
more toys than any baby needs.
gowns and newborn stuff.
bought another britax car seat and found a free infant sleep on freecycle.
have a single zooper that I love and a jogger. May need another double but not sure.
great sony monitor. The only one I could find that doesn't have static all the time
nursing chair with stool and a best friends nursing pillow that I love!!!!

amby hammock with jonny jump up option. I am hoping we get to sleep this time
Cloth for making pullups for EC and diapers
2 new slings. I had a kangaroo and loved it
boy clothes if its a boy.
cloth nursing pads.
I found a pattern for a cute nursing top and I will probably con a grandma into making them.
maybe a double stroller if I can get it used.
maybe another exercaucer since I put the other one up on consignment.

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Well, we've gotten rid of everything from the previous two children so I think we need to stock up completely. The thing is, there isn't a lot you need to get for a newborn (at least in my mind). I tend to wear my babe, so I don't need a stroller (although I do have one we use occasionally with our toddler). I only use water when bathing or changing dipes so don't really need any toiletries for the babe. I also just use cheapo washcloths for babywipes so that takes away another thing. So, hmmm, what do we need:
1. a few outfits sized 3-6 months and larger (my babes tend to be over 8 lbs and newborn clothes are too small too soon)
2. a new carseat
3. some new dipes: I want to try bumgenious this time, along with some newborn/small dipe covers, and a few small prefolds
4. this is more of a want than a need (I already have two maya wraps) but I really want a mei tei carrier
5. some herbs, tinctures, and a birth kit since I think DH and I have decided to go UC for this birth
6. I would like to get another sleepsack--I tend to be paranoid when they are so tiny about covering them with our blankets in the family bed and this has really helped ease my paranoia some

7. New breastpads and postpartum mama rags
8. Some new nursing bras--mine are so old and nasty

What do we have:
1. Some ME dipes we still use for DS
2. Our family bed

3. Two maya wraps (one was a gift from a friend because she hated it)
4. Water, washcloths, olive oil (as lotion and massage oil--also great for the early days of mec poo--gets it off way easier)

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We don't have many NEEDS since this is #4 ad we aleady have 2 girls and a boy but of course I have a little list....

** Happy Hang Up
** Sheep Skin
** Small Fuzzi Bunz Diapers..not too many (my kids gain quick so they are usually in Mediums by 6-8 wks)
** Moby D -(already have an Ergo & Maya)
** Storchenwiege: Inka
** Didymo: made by WAHM
** BabyHawk: Mei Tai (I doubt I will get this one
** Water Sling/Solarveil since this will be a summer baby.
** Some great birth herbs & tinctures
** New Britax seat for Baby
** New Postpartum cloth pads
** Diversity Dolls from Wee Willy Winks
** Nursing Bras - some new ones would be GREAT.

Already have....
Bouncy Seat, double stroller, single stroller, Pump In style, Boppy, Breast Milk storage containers - Avent, Pack-n-play (just in case), We have a crib but we didn't use it with the last one, Baby monitor, It is nice to have a monitor for those times when I go outside with the older kids while the baby in sleeping.

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About the only thing we NEED is a mini van wich we'll be getting some time after the new year! I have every thing else since this is my 3 baby with in 4 yrs
. I suppose I will need to make a new stash of med. diapers as the ones we have are looking pretty worn! but other then that I just can't think of any thing we could need or even want that we dont already have! Unless they make a cool triple strollers
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