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I am very interested in unschooling my children but as I sit here I feel like a dunce... how do you "UN"school...I need to "UN"learn everything I have been taught
: I am wondering about "radical" unschooling in particular. I think I am pretty radical and have been dubbed as "crazy" for not vaxing/not circing, ebf, and co sleeping, etc. I don't enforce a bedtime and I follow my child's lead... yada, yada...but what makes you a 'radical' unschooler and how do you know what to do? My son is 3.5 so this is something I feel I need to learn about soon, iykwim. I fear I would not give him the info he 'needs' (dp thinks I need to take college courses for more history classes, etc...apparently I am intelligent but not smart enough?!) TIA for sharing!!!
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