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What is similar to the weight of a Solarveil?

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Hello there!
I have recently fallen in love
with my solarveil ring sling from KK...which really surprised me because I really didn't like my first experience with a ring sling. I had one that had much thicker fabric, which made it very hard to adjust. I am wondering if there is anything out there that is similar in weight to a solarveil? I love how thin the fabric is--makes it so easy to adjust!

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Well, let's see. The Organic Cotton Mesh fabric sold by TaylorMade Slings and Kangaroo Korner (I think it is the same stuff, anyhow...I only have personal experience with the TMT) is similarly open and quite is a bit thicker probably than the solarveil, but MUCH softer and nicer feeling and also quite easy to adjust. A gauze might be similar..happyslings has some fabric that she describes as "guazy" that might be what you are looking for (I just ordered one to try but haven't gotten it yet to say for sure). TBH, I would say that a basic cotton is probably even easier to adjust than solarveil and just as thin...maybe something like the Ellaroo Lightly Padded would work well for you.

Hope this helps.

1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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