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What is the best NB dipe?

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I am buying some dipes for a new babe and I remember getting around DSs embellical cord was hard.

What is the best for this?
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I like PFs!
No binding elastic around the legs either.
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My all time favorite was Kindhearted woman dipes...the have a snap down and fit for quite a while!! I heard there were some on the TP.
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I really liked Kissaluvs 0 and NB cuddlebuns.

Both could snap down below the cord, and they fit the longest out of all my nb diapers.
my fav's other than my own were FCB 0's, itsy bitsy buns, XS elbees, and NB muttaqins .... I'd say the longest lasting (and he can still fit them at 11.5lbs) are the NB muttaqins ...they fit well and under his umbilicus when he was 7lbs as well.
I didn't have many to try - but I LOVED our one and only NB cuddlebun diaper (which has since been lost in postal hell

I also REALLY liked our Kissaluv 0's. They have been stored for next time.

The small (I am not sure of size) Valor Kids diapers we had were amazing too - I absolutely loved them. They're in storage too
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I used mostly Kissaluvs size 0 and infant prefolds on my ds when he was a newborn and they both worked great. I'm planning on adding a few more types of nb dipes to my stash for the next one. . . VB aio's, KHW, Mutt's and RB FLAM's.
I really like my kissaluvs size 0 & nb mutts. NB Mutts seem like they'll last for quite awhile too because my DD is now at 9lbs 2oz and still on the tightest snaps.
Mutts and FLAMs! They fit from birth and they still fit my dd at almost 8 weeks and probably 12lbs! The FLAMs are getting low on the rise though
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