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What is the best thing you have done for yourself this pregnancy?

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I just thought I'd start a fun, positive thread to see what you all have done to pamper/care for yourself during your pregnancy.

Mine has got to be my weekly chiropractor appointments - expensive over the months, but so worth it. I can't believe how good I feel for being 34 weeks (knock wood - just watch, I jinxed myself).

I'm also getting a prenatal massage next Friday night and cannot wait - I had one when we were in Hawaii and it was HEAVEN. I don't ever do things like that for myself when I'm not pregnant, so it feels like a wonderful treat.

Oh - and we're getting a housekeeper a few times before and after the birth as well - she starts next week.

Wow - I didn't realize I was so spoiled till I wrote that out. Guess I'll just go and be grateful for a few minutes
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i've been meaning to get a prenatal massage but haven't gotten around to it yet. i guess i should considering i'm almost 35 weeks!

one of the best things i think i've done is made a lot of birth art..i haven't painted in forever before i started up recently. other than that, a nice long warm bath is good to satisfy me!

last night, my guy and i had a little blessingway for eachother. i gave him some things to symbolize him becoming a daddy and he rubbed my feet and read me a poem he wrote for me.aaawwwww...
As I start to realize baby will be here any minute! I've been trying to be better to myself. Perfectionism was wrecking my mood - we bought our new farm in December and I had BIG plans, which my difficult pregnancy didn't really allow for. I've let a lot of that go, thankfully - spring will come again, and baby and I will tackle our new fields and pastures together! DH set the hot tub at body temp, so I soak in that every night, which feels great! I've also been trying to swim a bit every day or so. Still can't eat - but letting myself nap during the day to make up for the insomnia at night
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The best thing that I have done for myself was to stop work just one week shy of my 7th month (under doctor's medical advice).

The first three weeks I missed work terribly. I've been home for seven weeks now and I realised yesterday that I don't miss work at all, infact I'm glad to be home.

All the stress of work is gone ... I am having time to myself before the baby arrives. I am relaxed and rested.

I think that is the best present for myself and my baby before the craziness of adjusting to the first newborn comes along :)
I think one of the best things I have done for myself is to stop work early too...under midwifes orders but it still felt so good. I was going to work till my due date but that just wasn't going to happen.

I also did chiropractic adjustments and man I feel SO MUCH BETTER! I feel so much healthier this pregnancy than I did with DD.
I think being together with dh this time around - with dd he was working in Paris and I was in scotland and it was for the whole pregnancy bar a couple of weeks and then he returned on the Friday night, I went into hospital on Wednesday morning and dd was with us on Friday morning - then he left 2 1/2 weeks later - the whole time was very difficult for both of us and so stressful, then to top it all we moved house when dd was 12 weeks and I had to pack the whole place by myself - it was an impossible task - dh had and still has no idea what it all involved!!! With this pregnancy things have been reasonably stressful what with giving birth in another country but just being there for one another means so much more to me this time around and I am much happier - although there have been moments of insensitivity!!! :LOL
I have gone out on two "ladies only" evenings this month! It was nice to be around other women and mom's and not having to look after someone else (dh or kids) We just chatted, and ate a good meal undisturbed.
Err.....I really can't think of anything.

Well, okay, maybe you can count the 'all women party' I went to on Friday night. But dancing is not the same if you can't have a drink AND you are lugging 38 extra lbs around with you.
I haven't really done anything nice for myself 'til recently:
- Got a housekeeper; what a relief!
- Went to salon to get haircut, color, and pedicure. Ahhh.. so nice to be pampered (especially the foot massage!).

Where do you live?
Despite a budget crunch, I refused to wear any old maternity clothes I did not like, bought new what I needed, and a new pair of comfy shoes.
chiropractic, massage and acupuncture.....mmmmmm
A pedicure that I actually paid for. LOL I usually get gift certificates from my mom. In fact, she just gave me another one, so hopefully I will get another pedicure in before I go into labor so my feet look very nice for the labor and delivery nurses.

I also did acupuncture. That was a big splurge. Although, my friend is an acupuncturist and she traded me for my treatments.

I really NEED to get in to the chiro. I must put that on my list of things to do today. Not really sure that is splurgy though since my insurance covers it.

Oh, and I too refused to wear my old maternity clothes that I hated.
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Hmmm, I was thinking I haven't done much for myself, but then read pp about taking time off work. I'm still at work, but do plan on starting my leave "early". Meaning, my company is "shut down" the first two weeks of July, so I have to take that as vacation. Technically, I'm supposed to return after that, and work until I deliver (EDD is end of July) -- at which point they'll put me on paid disability (6 weeks, 8 for a c/s). However, I have no intention whatsoever of going back after those two weeks of vacation!!! I talked to my OB, and she said she was willing to put me on disability in mid-July, so I won't have to go back. I feel like I'm cheating the system a little, but then again, I have lots of back problems, and it won't do to start labor in excruciating pain from my back. When I'm not at work, I can stay off my feet, and rest and prepare -- and my back feels oodles better. I will be in much better shape for labor if I don't work until the bitter end. OTOH, I think my boss thinks I should work until I'm ready to start pushing, but I guess that's just too bad for him!

Oh, and I'm determined to get a pedicure in the near future! (Even bought phthalate-free nail polish at Whole Foods!)

EDD 7/29/05
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