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What is the best way to potty teach an active young toddler?

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He is 19 months old and is starting to tell us when he's pottied in his diaper. He also has some understanding of poop and pee. For example, I can ask him before I take his diaper off if he has pooped or peed and he will tell me.

My biggest concern is that he is very active unlike my dd. She started using the potty at 9-10 months when I learned about EC and would happily sit there. She also peed at expected times (after nursing or waking) he doesn't often pee right away or pees before I realize he's awake. So I don't think I can approach his learning the way I did with dd.

What is the best way to potty teach an active young toddler?
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at first we spent lots of time outside naked or commando. this way lucien could feel and see what was going on. also i would stick him on the BBLP and read while i went to the bathroom - he was in there anyway. then he got underwear with nemo and cars on them.

we did a sticker chart for the first 25 times on the potty (he got a small present at 5 15 and 25 times).

he stays dry 90% of the time - new baby so he's slipped a few times - and still wears something at night and at nap times. we are still working on pooping though.

but overall im satisfied with his progress. it's one less diaper i have to wash.
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