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What is the best wool cover for a Rumpster mini-diaper?

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This is my first thread here....atleast I hope it starts a thread with some advice.
I have done more reading on diapering and now have decided that I do not want to use PUL covers anymore. I wanted a fleece topped soaker but with a breathable cover. Looks like the Rumpster is it! I have a Lambkin wrap cover but they do not offer a fleece stay dry top diaper for it. Have you seen the Rumpsters and what experience do any of you have with it? What is the best cover or wrap in wool for a Rumpster? I have a chubby baby BTW. I love the Lambkin but do not have the Rumpsters yet...they are on order, so I do not know if it fits together well. See the Rumpster here: click on cloth dipes and accessories
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I was going to purchase a few but I heard from a few friends that they run really big and don't fit covers very well. I've seen a few on here people post that they bought them and I'd love to know more about the fit and if they have success with any covers.
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these diapers seemed like a good idea to me too, so i bought three. on one, the stitching came undone on the first washing. they still seem like a good concept, but the rumpsters don't fit in my covers, even the ones that are a size larger than the diapers. i also have a hard time with them, because they want to sort of flop open and not go into the diaper nicely.

still, it's a good idea. does anyone have something similar that they are happy with? i would love some suggestions.

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