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What is the cheapest way to get broth?

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and I don't mean making it myself.

But is there a cheaper way to get it than in the can?
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I love "Better Than Bouillon", it comes in a jar and is condensed & paste like. Its way easier and less wasteful (you use like 3tbs in water, as opposed to 3 cups of can/boxed stuff) The price varies a little. If you have a Trader Joe's near, they have chicken or beef flavor for a few dollars, but if you need the vegetarian version (that's the only one I've tried) you can get it at most healthfood markets. I don't know if its the cheapest, but its the cheapest way I've found. Its also yummy to add to home cooked beans or grains. Hope this helps

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My mom swears by that stuff, *green*faery*!
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