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What is the deal with side-snapping dipes on my DD?

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I've tried a few different side-snapping diapers on L and they never seem to fit her. The most recent was a side-snapping Darling Diaper, which I had high hopes for because we have a front snapping DD which fits L very well. In theory she seems just the right build for side-snapping dipes--chubby thighs and a little waist, so the adjustability ought to be perfect for her--but they always sag down below her belly creating a huge poochy bulge. Is this a rise issue? Haven't tried the right kind? She's just a weirdo? :LOL

We have front-snapping diapers we like so it's not a big deal, it's just bugging me. I can't figure out the problem!
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IM not much healp since lately im not loving my SS diapers either
they are always either too tight or too loose and the soaker sticks out and gets her clothes wet. Maybe its just your childs size right now isnt working well for ss.
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I dont know what it is, but ss dont work on my guy either. I have 2, and I hate them!
I wnted to love ss. Idon't.
: They fit all wrong on my chub-chub. You are not alone in the front-snap love.

Meg (nak)
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I think some babies just fit different types of diapers differently. I have a very chubby girly who cannot wear any front-snapping diaper. I've had to resell all of them.

side snappers are not my sons friend
. my dd though is fine with them!!! with my son he has no weight on him & he gets marks & sores on his hip bones from side snappers. OUCH...
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I'm with the theory that different kids fit different dipes. My dd is a skinny minnie and side snaps fit her the best. Front snaps, I can put my hand down the front of her diaper, there is a huge gap, so we stick with side snap.
hmm.. both side snap and front snap work for my little man.
and I can't put a front snap on my kiddo because of her budha belly - but we've been having issues with our SS as well - of course it doesn't help that she pushes them down below her belly, causing them to sag and pooch funny. She just wants to be nakkie - but mommy is tired of cleaning the carpet :LOL
I agree with the theory that different kids fit different diapers, but I just want to be able to quantify it somehow! You know, create a formula: x kind of thighs + y kind of waist + z rise = certain style of diaper. Instead there doesn't seem to be much rhyme and reason to it... I guess there are just so many tiny nuances to the way a child is built and the way a diaper fits...

: Yup, I think about this way too much.
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